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Schoolhouse Review: Salem Ridge Press

Salem Ridge Press was established in 2005. Their passion is to bring back quality children’s books from the past. Pacifically from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. And you know me, I love good quality books and will be visiting Salem Ridge Press’s website often.

The title of the book that I was chosen to review: Hilda the Briton or The Golden Age~The Story of a Roman Slave.

You can purchase this book as a softcover $12.95 or hardback $22.95. The recommended age for Hilda the Briton is 8 to adult.

As many of you know I truly believe good books help us parents instill godly character traits.  Especially when we the parents flesh it out and talk about those character traits. Talk about the characters in the book. Ask the children questions.

Hilda the Briton is a book that I would have no problem handing to my children.  In fact Annette was the one to read this book to her siblings.  They loveHilda the Britond it so much that Annette’s throat became sore because they didn’t want her to stop reading.  She and the boys were captivated with little Hilda and her life as a slave.

The story takes place in Ancient Rome, the year is 63 A.D. Hilda and her older brother Bran are taken from their homeland after it was conquered by the Romans. Through all this Hilda’s heart remains tender and is open when an elderly slave shares the gospel. This friend also takes Hilda to hear a prisoner preach by the name Paul. Yes, the Apostle Paul!

She then shares what she has heard with her brother. He is not ready to accept this God that Hilda talks about. But he does  enjoys hearing the stories. Can God be working through little Hilda to soften his heart to the gospel as well?

Hilda’s faith is tested when she does something that she can receive a whipping for. What is it and what will happen to her? You’ll have to find out and buy the book!

My children and I devoured this book. I look forward to reading it again. I might make it a special time with Lance and I. I can see us now discussing the characters and talking about what the characters are going through now that they are slaves.  I can certainly see him connecting with Hilda.

Annette really, really liked this book and would like me to order the rest of the books by Emma Leslie.  I’m sure eventually they’ll all end up on her shelf.  Annette herself learns so much from books like this one. It touches my heart that she is always striving to be more like Jesus. Good books like Hilda the Briton encourages her.

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