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Week 29 Day 5

Here is my gang eating a delicious Muffin in a Mug. They are so good. We’ve been eating them every morning. Please excuse the messy table. The children like to start school early and so by 8:30 in the morn it looks very ‘loved’.
April 001
Once done with our delicious muffins, oh mine was ever so moist. I added extra butter or coconut oil which ever I decide to use, today was butter.

Let me try again . . . once we were done with our muffins it was *Spanish for You! time. Since I took a ‘teacher day’ yesterday, meaning I didn’t teach but the kids had school, we didn’t do Spanish yesterday, so we finished our first week and it went really well.

I love that the children copy the words. Here is Ethan’s work. We listened to the mp3 audio of the words, repeated them, and wrote the word down. I sat by the computer to pause the audio to give us time to repeat and write. We are learning the months and days of the week.
Spanish for You!
Annette went a little further with her lesson (on her own). She had her sibling call out days of the month or week and she would write them down.
Spanish for You!
And look what came yesterday, another TOS item. Yay!
One Minute Mysteries
I have already read some of the *One Minute Mysteries. This is a great quick fun way to get some science in your school day.

Here is Lance with the book.
One Minute Mysteries
I am disappointed that I forgot to take my camera with me today.  I took Caleb and Ethan for a walk and we stopped at our favorite coffee shop.  This morning my two boys were bickering and I said some not-so-nice things. I wanted to apologize but also have a talk with them. We had a good discussion and a good time as well.

I also spent some time with Brent out in the backyard. I love those 1:1 times with my children. It seems I’m always rushing around, so when I get a chance to be with one of my kids all by ourselves I savor every, single, minute.

Well that’s it for now. I need to get supper ready. Spaghetti for the kids and pizza for Lupe and I. My special low-carb recipe. I’ll share later. Tonight the gangs all here. I’m having my 2 nieces and 2 nephews over for supper.

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