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Week 29/Day 3

It’s chilly today, just the way I like it. I’m tired of the hot days. Save them for summer!
Today was our 2nd day of *Spanish for You! The children and I started by listening to a native speaker say the days of the month, week, and phrases.

I am working on three levels using grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8, with Annette (7th), Caleb (6th), Brent (5th), and Ethan (4th)
April 011
Here is a sample of Ethan’s work. He had to translate Spanish to English.
Spanish for You
The children and I know the Spanish words for look, write, draw, june, july, and Sunday.

Here Brent won with putting their Spanish cards in order.
Spanish for You!
My three youngest little hearts are a challenge to teach. Sometimes It’s hard being the mature one. I want to just yell at times but have to keep cool.

I would love for them to spend a week in public school so they can see how easy they really have it. I mean how many children get to do grammar in their pj’s. Ha, or watch Little Women during a 2 hour quiet time when the public school children are still sitting at their desk. If they only knew . . .

Ethan acted like he was being tortured with his phonics/reading lesson. Thankfully once he started his negative attitude melted away. We prayed before the lesson and I did my best to be the mature adult that I’m suppose to be. This helped Ethan turn from grumpy poor me to I want to do this.

His favorite part of ABeCeDarian is the timed reading. He likes to challenge himself. This is part of the free downloads available.

When it was time for Brent’s English lesson you’d think the world was coming to end. My goodness. I found out he didn’t do yesterdays ‘homework’ that stinker. In the end he apologized but I want him to come to work at least with a smile on his face. Even if it’s fake.

Lance, well he wasn’t so bad today. Oh, it may be because I haven’t schooled him yet. Oh dear, night school on a Wednesday. He did practice reading and did some math pages on his own this morning. He was revved and ready to go but I hadn’t had my cup of java yet. I need to be prepared for next time.

Usually Lance is NOT a morning person.
Good Morning
Josh, Annette, and Caleb are star students. They wake up, grab their books, and get started. Love it!
Little Guy
Love this little guy!

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