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Week 31!!!

How can it be week 31 already?!?!? Five weeks to go and we get a few weeks off. 

Yay!!! Not that I deserve time off. I’ve been so lazy and unorganized.
Spanish For You!
This week we are on week three of *Spanish for You! I am using three different levels but only took a pic of two. I had already given Annette her packet. We are really enjoying this Spanish course. I love the weekly schedule.
April 004
My Joshua, his nose is burnt to a crisp almost. He was at a swapmeet selling his air soft guns on Saturday. He came home with a shiny red nose. I told him not to peel it but it’s so temping for him. We are putting aloe on it.

Annette is a little sunburned on her nose. She has a little bit of peeling but nothing like Joshua’s. My Sweets too. His head, face, and the back of his neck.
Brent and Ethan fared very well. They are darker than the their siblings and dad.
Joshua is working his way through Bob Jones Distance Learning. He will work through the summer to get it done. He really, really, really, enjoys Bob Jones. We are sticking with it (even though I’d like to switch him to HOD).

Annette is on Unit 27 of HOD. She is doing so well with this program. She is looking forward to the next HOD box day (not that it will be coming anytime soon). She only has 8 more units. I’m not sure what she will do after but I’m sure the Schoolhouse Review Crew will keep her busy!

This week Annette has started *Super Star Speech.
Super Star Speech
She was really excited about this review item. Already it has helped her. We took the evaluation or assessment that is provided. It confirmed what we new and gave us a good place to start. Right now she is working through the ‘th’ sound. She has a hard time pronouncing words like, thimble, third, there, but she can pronounce the ‘th’ sound in thief, thirty, and thumb. She doesn’t have a problem when the ‘th’ sound is in the middle or end of a word.

I’ll have to write some other time about the rest of the kiddos. It’s getting late.

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