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Week 32/Day 1

Today was a bit hectic. I had a good breakfast (made a smoothie with veggie and fruit only with some boiled eggs on the side) but I was still moody. I’m going to blame it on the heat, ha,ha. I’m doing so much better though. I stay much more calm. Far from the meek and quiet spirit mama that I’d love to be but doing better.
Mock Iced Coffee
I started my school day with a homemade Starbucks coffee. My SIL gave me a plain iced coffee yesterday and I saved it for today. I added the meat part of the canned coconut milk (I think it was the meat part. It was round and and soft-solid) added some pumpkin spice, put it in the blender and yum. It’s not exactly like having cream and Truvia but it will have to do.
A Reason for Spelling
I haven’t been very faithful with this spelling program. I pulled it out last week so Ethan can continue with it.
Annette reading, her favorite part of homeschooling.
Spelling Workout
Joshua completing Spelling Workout. It’s not his favorite subject but he does it willingly, thank you Jesus. He’s such and easy child to school.

Today we started a new art lesson from *See the Light~God’s Runaway.
God's Runaway
First the children watched the 13 minutes story. Then our first lesson.
See the Light
The children are learning how to incorporate words into their drawing. It’s called letter art. Tomorrow they will complete their pictures.
(*TOS Item)

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