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Week 32/Day 2

It’s been hot, too hot. I don’t like hot. I think the weather will cool down toward the end of the week though.

On the homeschool front I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I had another little guy to watch and although I don’t mind it does disturb the day (not in bad way, we just don’t get as much done).

I’m glad I did get English in with Ethan. I need to be more consistent though. I was happy he didn’t forget how to diagram.
Rod and Staff English 3
He also completed math and his phonics/reading, ABeCeDarian. I haven’t ordered the next set of books but will this Friday for sure. He only has two more lessons.

Something fun I did today with Joshua was complete a chapter of *High School Prep Genius. This is another blessing from being apart of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Josh can do this on his own but I like for us to go through the chapters together. It gives us some time together and actually I learn more about my oldest son.

I hope to purchase the College Prep Genius set when later this year.

I can’t believe our official school time is almost over. We will continue through the summer of course. I want to see if we can hit the books through the summer and take some time off in the winter instead. We love those stormy days and just want to enjoy the rain with some hot cocoa. Read or watch a good movie without the guilt of taking a school day off. It’s something I’m thinking about.

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