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Weekend Wrap-Up

What a busy weekend we had. In my weekend wrap-ups I usually add Friday.
Yorkshire Pudding
Friday was baking day for Annette. She was suppose to bake these goodies throughout the week, it’s part of her school projects. She started with making Yorkshire Pudding. I’ve never had this before so I’m not sure what they look like. I didn’t imagine them puffy.
Annette and I didn’t get to sample them. She is still not eating wheat.
Yum, pears with cinnamon and sugar. Annette’s nose is healing still from the weekend before from being out in the sun all day. I asked her if she was picking at and she confessed she was. I told her to not do that anymore.
She also made a cake. Everyone loved and enjoyed her baked goods. Then once she was done she made thin mints. She was looking forward to those because she could eat them. The pears she could eat too but she doesn’t care for them. She used an apple for her instead. Smart gal!

Saturday Lupe took Joshua, Annette, Caleb, Brent, Lance and my dad with him to get a rental ready. Ethan stayed behind to help his auntie with a garage sale. I did some cleaning.

Here is what I made for lunch. I sautéed my shrimp in ghee with some cilantro, chopped up tomatoes and onions.
Ethan and I took a walk and of course ended up at our favorite coffee/antique shop.
As much as I wanted to order a fancy coffee with cream and sugar free raspberry I ordered a regular coffee and drank it black. I also bought a bottle of water. Ethan had a Vanilla Bean Freeze with Oreos.
Coffe House
Vanilla Bean
Coffe bar
Coffe shop
That one
His auntie gave him $5.00 for helping out with the yard sale. He purchased some poppers and few marbles.

He bought one for me. He picked it out all by himself.
It’s the flattest marble we ever did see. Not sure how one uses it in a game.
Enjoying a beautiful day
Then we headed over to the park. We sat on a bench and chatted for a while. It was nice spending time with only Ethan. I plan to take each child to the coffee shop over the next few months.

Lupe and I went on our date pretty late. It was 8:30 p.m. when we left. We don’t like to eat so late but with the sun still shinning it made it feel earlier and although we knew the time it didn’t feel like it. Not until we excited the restaurant past nine.
We went to Outback Steakhouse. We tried a few other places but they had lines so long that we knew it would be a long wait and I was hungry.

Because I’m doing the Whole30 I had to go to a place that served real food without lots of preservatives. We figured steak would be the easiest thing for me. I wanted shrimp but that is usually cooked in butter or margarine.  I didn’t want to hand over my ghee and ask them to use that instead, so steak it was.
Date Night
Lupe and I shared a meal. I passed on the bread and salad. No cheese or soybean oil dressing for me while on Whole30.
t-bone steak
I sure did enjoy my very first t-bone steak, oh yeah! Totally delish. We ordered a 12oz and split it. Yum. I ate the broccoli and Lupe had the mash potatoes. I took my ghee and smothered it on my broccoli.

We both so enjoyed that meal. The steak was so good. We plan to have another next Friday. Blaming it on my Whole30 =)

My Sweets worked so hard that we didn’t stay out too late. Plus by the time we finished our so scrumptious dinner it was 9:15. We needed milk so we stopped at the grocery store. Picked up a few goodies. And headed home.
And that was another wonderful date night with my hubby.

Sunday we stayed home from church. Lupe took Joshua, Annette, Caleb, Ethan and my dad back to the rental. I stayed home with Brent and Lance. Those two made me laugh. They were so bored without their siblings.
They had fun playing with their cousins for a time. They kept asking me if they could watch Scooby Doo. I let them watch a few but that was it. On Sunday they are not allowed computer time or too much t.v. time.

I had shrimp again today with this delish salad.
Around 5:30 we all needed to get out of the house so we walked to the coffee shop.
Lance and Brent
They played a few games of checkers while I read my new book. Atkins for Life.
Black Coffee
As you can see I had my usual. Black coffee and water.
Digging in
Brent likes to eat his Oreo  cookie first.
Oreo Cookie
While Lance prefers to sip his Vanilla Bean Freeze first. He saved the cookie for last.
We enjoyed a nice walk home. We chatted, laughed, and had a wonderful time together.

When we arrived home my Sweets and the kids were not home yet. The boys went out to play with their cousins.

And that was our weekend wrap-up!
Well, it’s late. I need to get to bed.

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