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Whole30 Atkins Style!

What exactly is Whole30 and why am I participating? Whole30 is all about getting healthy. Some foods may have a negative affect on our bodies, so Whole30 is about not eating them for 30 days. No dairy, grains, legumes, or sugar.

I decided to participate with a few of my online Atkins buddies. Starting Monday no more Truvia and cream for me. I’m giving up all things dairy. My wonderful Kefir and beloved cream.

Why? Because I can’t handle my cream! I can’t control myself. I love my coffee with sweetener and cream. I’m only allowed 3tbl of cream and 3 sweeteners a day. Some days I cheat and go over.

I am doing Whole30 to discipline myself and maybe lose a few pounds as well. I would love to lose five pounds.

During the 30 days I am not allowed to weigh or take measurements of myself either. I so need this. I’m addicted to the scale.

I will continue to count my carbohydrates and write down everything that I eat. Whole30 in my opinion is similar to Atkins anyway (except for a few extra rules). I have already given up all processed, junk, fake, food. Now I’m going to take it a step further. Yikes. I’m nervous. I know this will be a good thing though.

Although I haven’t eaten anything that I’m not suppose to, I do go over with my cream and sweeteners. I also won’t be able to make my own ‘processed’ foods, like muffin in a mug, cauliflower pizza, and other goodies that I go overboard with.

My “Linda” made foods may be low carb but I really shouldn’t be eating two MIM in one day (I don’t every day but have done so) or almost eat a whole low-carb pizza. Who could resist the melted cheese? When I make my pizza I can’t control myself,  because of my out-of-control pizza self, I also go over my 4oz a day cheese. I eat twice that! In one sitting!

So this is why I’m going to discipline myself and participate in the Whole30. It will be a challenge but I can do this, right . . . ?

I also bought the book It Starts with Food. It won’t be here until the end of next week. I can’t wait to start reading it and being encouraged. I know I’m going to learn so much from the book and this experience.

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