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Atkins Day 113/Whole30 Day 11

I have added some new vitamins to my daily regimen.
NOW Vitamins
Zinc and Super Enzymes. I was reading an article written by the authors of Whole30 about what supplements they take. I decided to go with some of their recommendations.

I took both the zinc and Super Enzymes yesterday at lunch with my meal. Not long afterwards I didn’t feel so well. I thought my delicious salad was going to come back up. I told the children to be good, that I wasn’t feeling well and needed to rest. Thankfully my kiddos were being kind to one another yesterday and I was able to take a 15 minute nap.

After I felt much better and was able to continue schooling the children. I wasn’t sure if it was the vitamins or my salad was too big.

With dinner I took 1 of each pill again (didn’t realize the Zinc says 1 a day). Again I felt queasy but not as bad as before. So I knew it was one of the pills.
I mentioned what happened on the Atkins forum and one gal said that Zinc upsets her stomach but she found that 25mg works for her.

Today I cut my 50mg Zinc tablet in half and thankfully that worked. No queasy stomach.
I really didn’t know what to eat for breakfast. All I wanted was a smoothie but I am suppose to chew my food while on the Whole30 and not eat too much fruit first thing in the morning.

Here is what I ate today:
Breakfast~2 hard boiled eggs, cut in half and topped with some homemade mayo. This was really good. They tasted like deviled eggs. I had a tomato sliced and seasoned with salt.
Lunch~I loved my boiled eggs so much that I had 2 more with mayo and a salad.
Atkins Lunch
It was yummy!

Snack~Chocolate, Avocado, Blueberry, pudding with no sweetener of course. 
Dinner~leftover chicken soup, although I wouldn’t mind having those eggs again. They’re so scrumptious!!!!

And that’s every, single, thing, that I will eat today. Since starting the Whole30 I am no longer snacking in between meals like I was before.

I am amazed that I am not thinking about my cheddar cheese everyday. I have gone 11 days without it. I do miss my cream and Truvia in my coffee but am okay with drinking it black. I’ll be happy to add them back though.

Ghee, I am so thankful I am allowed to sauté my veggies in this. Yesterday I finished my first jar but not to fear three more arrived on my doorstep.
This stuff is keeping me sane!!!

Since I’ve started my Whole30 journey I am not a big snacker anymore and my allergies have stayed at bay.

I have 19 days to go. I’m already a third of the way done. I am wondering how hard it’s going to be to add the forbidden foods back. When I get going on something I have a hard time getting off the roller coaster because I know what I’m doing is a good thing.
This is what keeps me going with Atkins. Sticking with the rules. Although I did enjoy a juicy hamburger on day 50 something of Atkins. Will that haunt me for the rest of my life =) actually I don’t think of it as cheating. I’m a big girl and if I want a hamburger I’ll eat a hamburger and just because I eat one doesn’t mean I’m not doing Atkins or getting off the plan

It just means I ate a hamburger and will make my next meal an Atkins meal and continue on. Besides I don’t do that often. It’s been over a 100 days and I haven’t eaten any forbidden foods.

Once I lose my weight and am in the maintenance stage then maybe I’ll eat a Country Burger. Once I’m in stage 4 I can have a little bit of oatmeal. Can’t wait.

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  1. I ordered some Ghee ... primarily because I don't know what it is and want to try something new...hehe!

    Happy Friday, dear friend!
    ~Whispered Abundance


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