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Atkins Day 121/Whole30 Day 19

My SIL has been so kind to bring me some tea professionally brewed. Yum! No sweeteners just plain tea.
Passion Tea
I thought it looked so pretty. I put lots of ice to water it down. This allows me to have twice as much tea.

On days 15 and 16 I wasn’t feeling good at all. I was hungry, tired, and my stomach was actually nervous. I was a teeny bit stressed about something so I know why I was nervous.

I figured I was hungry because I didn’t really have anything appetizing to eat. I’m not a very creative cook like my W30 buddies. I was sick of tuna, boiled eggs, and you can only make a hamburger patty so many ways.

Money is a bit tight but I was desperate and purchased some shrimp. I made a shrimp stir fry and it was so good. Day 17+ I was eating good.
Stir fry
Because I was not feeling well before I made this delish shrimp stir fry I added some MCT Oil for extra good fat. I was so satisfied after this meal.

My dad gave me some thin cut steaks, for the next two days I really enjoyed my food =). I made stir fry three nights in a row. I used Coconut Aminos instead of soy sauce. The coconut aminos has over 17 vitamins and minerals.

Yesterday I made a good chicken dinner and today we are having a roast. I’m happy to report I’m not hungry and haven’t had tuna in three days.
Look my Annette, she is doing so well with eating more whole foods. She made herself a salad (cucumber, olives, egg, bell pepper, tomato).
For the past three days I haven’t been counting my carbs but have been keeping an eye on them. I don’t want to over do it. I hope to say at around 35 net carbs.

Here is today’s menu:
Breakfast~ 1/2 jar of Chocolate, avocado, blueberry pudding. I had an orthodontist appointment so I didn’t eat a normal breakfast. I don’t like pieces of food in my braces.
Brunch (10:10 a.m.)~When I got home I had 6oz of meat, some leftover delicious chicken and a salad (cucumbers, shredded carrots, olives, lemon juice, MCT oil, salt and pepper).
Snack~ finished my pudding and had some stuffed green olives.
Supper~Roast with veggies.

My appointment threw my eating off a little.

Just think only 11 days left. It’s hard to believe I’m almost done with my 1st Whole30.

In June Annette, Caleb, and possibly Brent will start their Whole30. I’m not going to join them (although I probably should) but eventually I’ll do the Whole30 again.

I highly recommend everyone, whether you plan to do the W30 or not to read It Starts with Food.
It Starts With Food
The book explains:
  • Why certain food groups are eliminated
  • Why one should go through the Whole30
  • How to reintroduce the food groups
  • recipes
and so much more. It’s a must read. I have given up a lot of processed foods but would still purchase things like canned chicken or tuna that had “natural chicken broth” or “other natural flavors”. Since reading It Starts with Food I am going a step further and won’t purchase those anymore. The word “Natural” doesn’t tell me what exactly is in it. Food with Yeast Extract is not in my opinion natural yet that’s what many food companies will put on their products.

I have always been a label reader but now I’m educating myself further and really, really, reading those labels.

I didn’t grow up eating all these convenience foods that I see children eating now. I can only imagine what these ‘foods’ are doing to this generation of kids. It sickens me. I see children all the time with fake, junk, long shelf life, foods. It’s not once-in-a while but every, single, day. Food with dyes, high fructose sugar, msg, yeast extract, and so much more. It’s in organic foods too. I encourage you all to read those labels.

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