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Atkins Day 131/Whole 30 Day 29

Today I took the day off from teaching. I HAD to clean my kitchen. We had a busy weekend and my poor kitchen paid the price.

Tomorrow will be my last day on the Whole30. I am shocked with how fast it went. I will admit it was not always easy. The first 15 days were the hardest. I wanted my cream (cheese no, cream, yes!) and sweetener in my coffee. I should have just chucked the coffee to kick the craving. I did for a few days and didn’t miss it much.

The actual turning point for me was around day 18. I finally decided to STOP trying to make my coffee taste pre-whole30. I needed to stop that insanity and just enjoy it black. That’s exactly what I did. From that day on I stopped trying to turn my coffee into something it was not (without cream & sweetener). You know what? I enjoyed that coffee and have continued to enjoy my coffee black.

I did however give up my iced coffee and replaced it with passion tea (no sugar) and other teas. I found I like tea without sugar. Well it did take a few days to really get use to it like that.

The Whole30 is not about losing weight but I would hope a few pounds or inches have left this body of mine.
What I learned:
  • I thought I had stopped eating a lot of processed foods (and I did) but I was still eating them, they were just hidden. Now I buy tuna at Sprouts. It’s the only place I can find it in water only. All other brands that I have found has ‘broth’ and I don’t trust that.
  • Eating whole foods I no longer felt hungry between meals. This didn’t happen right away, maybe toward week two. I had to make sure I was eating protein with each meal.
  • That sugar (not white but sweetened) still had a hold on me. Boy did I want that sweetener. Not in a cookie per se but in my coffee. I wasn’t tempted to have a piece a cake or anything but just wanted my sweetened coffee. I have now conquered the sugar dragon as they call it.
  • I found that I can do this. I can eat well. I knew I could but didn’t. A year ago I would have said, I could never do the Whole30. I feel I am walking away from this W30 journey stronger and more educated about food and my body.
I would encourage one to try the Whole30. It really changed my life. When I read things like that from other people including the authors of It Starts With Food, I thought, yeah right, but now I know what they meant. It truly did though. I look at food so differently now. It’s like I see the ‘food’ light, hehe.
If you would like to do the Whole30 I would suggest:
  • Get the book~ It Starts with Food. This book is amazing. I absolutely love it. Very informative. It explains why grains, legumes, dairy, etc. can cause gut issues. This includes grains like Quiona and Chia seeds.
  • The cookbook Well Fed has Whole30 recipes. I have made a few recipes. The Jicama Home Fries were so good, even the children liked them.
  • Practical Paleo, another super good book. This book not only has some great down-to-earth recipes but also touches on why we should stay away from certain foods. Lots of color in this book. This is great for the visual person (like me).
  • Everyday Paleo Cookbook so far with this and the Practical Paleo book I haven’t found anything that is not Whole30 approved but I haven’t read every recipe in both books yet. Both these books give tips with menus and what to make ahead of time like mayo and sauces. Everyday Paleo has a wonderful introduction of why she changed her families eating habits. Great story.
  • Know how to make your own mayo. While on the Whole30 you can’t consume soybean oil. I haven’t found any mayo that is made without it.
  • Find a buddy, see if a friend will make the Whole30 commitment with you. I have a wonderful supportive husband. He would cheer me on and encouraged me throughout the Whole30. I also had some online Atkins’ friends and that helped tremendously. We all chatted with each other via the Atkins’ forum and encouraged one another.
Both Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook and Practical Paleo are very good books, especially if you need some food ideas for the Whole30 BUT if you decide to do the Whole30 and are limited financially, get It Starts With Food. The book explains everything as well as reintroducing the food groups that were eliminated during the Whole30.
It Starts With Food
(see, I love this book. Sparkly mouth, can’t wait to get rid of the braces. Ha,ha!)

If you have some extra dollars I would choose one of the above cookbooks as well. I didn’t have any cookbooks when I started the Whole30 so you don’t need them but they are great to have. I think my next Whole30 will go much smoother with all these wonderful recipes.

I don’t have a lot of health problems (thank you Jesus!) but I have noticed:
  • Less allergy symptoms
  • I sleep better
  • My skin is less itchy (although this was improving ever since I had stopped eating junk, fake, foods).
  • I don’t know if I lost any weight but I have had a few people say I look thinner. I noticed that my chipmunk cheeks are not so chipmunk-y anymore.
  • My SIL told me my face (skin) looks so much healthier
If one does have health problems the Whole30 may improve those silent inflammation related diseases. One thing that really jumped out at me was the “What About Genetics” page. Here is a quote from the book: “Your genetic makeup certainly plays a role in everything from height to eye color to health. But even more important than genes in your DNA sequence is which of those genes get turned on. A gene that isn’t turned on doesn’t actually do anything. It’s the intersection of your environmental inputs and genetics that is truly relevant to your health.” and a paragraph below, “While we are all born with a certain code, we are also born with switches that tell the code what to do. Our environmental input (diet, exercise, air quality, etc.) activates those switches. Thing about it this way: Genetics loads the gun, but environment pulls the trigger”.

Related to Silent Inflammation:
  • acid reflux
  • allergies
  • bipolar disorder
  • celiac disease
  • chronic pain
  • crohn’s disease
  • dementia
  • eczema
  • fibromyalgia
  • Grave’s disease
  • high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides
  • joint pain
  • lupus
  • lyme disease
  • migraines
  • multiple sclerosis
  • obesity
  • psoriasis
and that is only some listed in It Starts With Food. As you can see, I’m really impressed with the Whole30. 

I am anxious to see what foods trigger my allergies and not-so-restful nights. This is the beauty of the Whole30, getting to know your body. As you add foods back in slowly you will find which foods your body can handle and which food cause gut issues (inflammation). Because I’m on Atkins I won’t be adding grains and legumes just yet.

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