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Completed My 1st Whole 30 Atkins Style!!!

Well today is my day of freedom from the Whole30 but you know what? I don’t want to be free. I have learned so much during that time. It literally changed the way I think abut food.
May 023
Here’s a picture of me today. My first day after the Whole30. I feel so much healthier. Why would I want to go back to eating processed foods? If I could give Dallas and Melissa Hartwig a hug right now I would. It’s because of them that I have gone further with changing what goes into my body.

Get this. I haven’t had any heavy cream today. You all know how much I loved, loved, my cream. I feel liberated from my cream. No cravings for it!

I am not craving sweetener either. This morning I had a coffee with no sweetener. I figured if I’ve been drinking my hot cup of java without it why add it back. Now iced coffee that is entirely different.
No matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get my iced coffee just right during the Whole30. I finally had to give it up. Thankfully one of my Atkins friends, a true angel at that Winking smile found a recipe for me. It’s a non dairy coconut creamer and guess what!?!?! It doesn’t separate and have icky floating things. I make mine without the sweetener or vanilla though because those aren’t allowed during the Whole30.
I am sipping my iced coffee as I type. I added one packet of Truvia.
coconut creamer
Look how yummy that looks. So beautiful too!

Another Atkins girlfriend pointed out how some of us stopped counting our carb intake. I was one of them. I mentally calculated but didn’t weigh my foods. I even had a cup of blueberries a day. I listened to my body. I ate only when I was hungry. Basically I ate three good and healthy meals a day.

Before the Whole30 I would have a midmorning snack, then another snack at 2:00 p.m., and one after supper. I was also hungry before going to bed at times. For the last two weeks I haven’t been doing the snacking thing.

Guess what, I lost weight! Thank you Lord!!! Do I dare write how much I weigh? Okay here it goes. I’m down to 150lbs. I lost 5lbs during the whole30, for a total of 18lbs since I started Atkins 1/14/13.
I still have that pooch though.
I’d like to thank my wonderful Lord who sent his precious son to die for me, thank you Jesus for loving me. You are always there for me even went I don’t deserve your precious love. Thank you to my wonderful hubby. He is willing to try so many different foods, food that most men would balk at. He is huge encouragement. Has loved me at my highest weigh of 168. Has always made me feel beautiful. My children, they continue to encourage me on my Atkins adventure. They also have changed the way they eat and I’m so proud of them.

A huge thank you to my Atkins buddies. They were a huge source of encouragement. We all had our ups and downs during the Whole30 but we were there for each other. I really appreciate each one. Boy do they make some awesome foods. I learned so much from my lovely Atkins friends. Thank you ladies.
For my FB buddies. We have a secret group, haha. They cheered me on and let me post almost daily how I was doing during this time. You ladies rock! Thank you for not getting sick of me and my Atkins/Whole30 talk.

Mom, I miss you. I know you would have joined me on this Whole30. At times I ache for your company but I know you are disease free and loving your time with Jesus. One day mom we’ll be together. Love you so much! Thanks to you I trusted the Atkins diet. God has been so wonderful to me mom. I do so many things that remind me of you. Even that cough that you use to do that I couldn’t stand, ha, he has a sense of humor.

(5/25/13) Edited to add : I’ve lost another 2lbs. I’m at 148!!! The only thing I have added to my diet is Stevia. I continue to drink my hot coffee black. Iced coffee with non-dairy coconut creamer and a packet of Truvia.

Yesterday 5/24/13, I made a shake that contained whey, almond milk, greek yogurt, and kefir. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made it because it was around 12 net carbs and I ended up having almost 50 carbs. A first since I’ve started Atkins. Thankfully it didn’t do anything and I still lost a pound.

I don’t plan to make yogurt or kefir a daily thing just yet but will have it occasionally.

5-29-13~I lost another pound. I weigh 147. I still have not added in dairy. I might have a muffin in a mug on Friday but that’s still up in the air Winking smile

God Bless,


  1. I am so PROUD of you girlfriend, and I am so thankful for our secret group too.

  2. You look GREAT Linda! So proud that you did the whole 30 days. That's awesome.

    I wish I was closer to you so I could try doing this. Sounds like a great way to get the cravings under control.

  3. So proud of you friend! You look beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you ladies so much for all your kind comments. You all have been a huge blessing to me.

    MaryEllen, if you want to try this I'll cheer you on and maybe join you. We may be states apart but only an email, phone, or FB away =)


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