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Ethan’s First Outline

We’ve been blessed to review Excellence in Writing. I’m still going through the material but wanted to start with Ethan right away. We started a day after receiving our package, so I’m not sure if we are doing it the correct way just yet.

Yesterday I had Ethan read from an old Rod and Staff Science book. I don’t even think they sell this one anymore. So if any of you have the second book I’d be happy to buy it.
Rod and Staff Science
Once we read the selected paragraphs . . .
Rod and Staff
Together we outlined each paragraph. He selected three words from each sentence. I helped a little.
Today I had him reread the paragraphs, then look at his paper and go through each sentence. As he orally gave me a complete sentence, I copied it down (we did this for the first paragraph only). Then I had him copy the paragraph in his writing notebook.

Tomorrow we’ll work on his second paragraph. I know it’s not exactly the way IEW is suppose to be done but I’m still working through the material. Next week I’ll start Caleb and Brent with it as well.

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