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Getting Ready for Another Whole30

I have decided to follow a menu plan this time. I want to make foods that will keep the children excited about eating.

I purchased Practical Paleo a few weeks ago and love the book. There are menu plans for different reasons, autoimmune, thyroid, and the one we will follow, Squeaky Clean Paleo. I'll have to tweak a little because during the W30 we are not allowed any maple syrup or alcohol which is in vanilla.

Today I went to Sprouts and spent $130.00. That included all the veggies and some meat. I still need a some more meat but I'll get that later. A friend suggest I buy a turkey, cook it up and have that on hand.

Right now I am making ghee. I'll look over the menu to see what I will make tomorrow. I'm still not sure if I should start tomorrow or Sunday. Tomorrow the kids will be with their dad all day fixing a rental, so Sunday seems like a better day to start but Annette is ready. She wants to start tomorrow.

I think this Whole30 will be a challenge for Caleb. He is my snacker (mamas fault). He likes to eat just to eat. Poor guy. He also likes to have an occasional soda pop.

With Annette, she'll be fine, well almost. She does want a victory shake for helping fix an apartment up but she won't be getting it any time soon. Poor gal! Other than that she has already given up a lot of foods that she never thought she could.

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