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Getting Ready for Next Year (2013/2014)

I might change our school year up. Not sure if this will work but I am thinking of schooling through the summer after a two week, totally free, of school vacation. Then hit the books until the end of November. Take December off, school lite during January and start back up in February.

It would be hard getting ready for it though because it means working through the summer and that’s a whole 12 months of school for us but once we get through this transition year it shouldn’t be so hard after that.

This would be perfect because we won’t have any relatives visiting this summer but we’ll see.

As for curricula I might be changing a few things with the younger ones. I absolutely love Heart of Dakota but want to try something different. Will write about it soon.

Joshua will continue using Bob Jones for most of his subjects. As we get closer to our new school year I’ll write more in detail with what he’ll be using.

Annette will continue with Heart of Dakota for most of her subjects. She will not use their writing though but continue with Essentials in Writing. She will continue to use Math-U-See.

Caleb will continue with Heart of Dakota as well but will not use their writing program other than the narrations. He will use *Excellence in Writing~Level B. For math he might continue with Math-U-See, it all depends on the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

With Brent I’m thinking about separating him from Caleb. This year using Heart of Dakota was hard for him, so this is where I might be changing things. Ethan was suppose to start HOD Preparing but I’m rethinking that because I want to combine him with Brent.
Brent did Preparing last year. I don’t want him to repeat it. He did well with Preparing but was not fully ready for Creation to Christ, so this year was a struggle for him. I know Res. to Ref. will be too much. My plan is to skip a year or two of HOD.

Maybe have Brent jump back into Heart of Dakota for his 8th grade year (Missions to Marvels). But I like that if he does continue with HOD he lines up beautifully (except with the work-load).

Which brings me to Ethan, if I do combine him with Brent next school year he too will have to leave HOD. I’m okay with it but I was looking forward to using Preparing with him. But the program I’m looking at for both of them is really good.
As for Lance, I’m still deciding.

Discloser: *I received IEW for review purposes via the Schoolhouse Review Crew.


  1. Sounds like you are gearing up for planning mode!!!!

    I'm finishing up Unit 6 Beyond and just feeling a little wishy washy and unsure if this is the right direction for us in the fall. UGH!

    I think I need a break from books and need to put a halt to my constant thinking about what I should or shouldn't be doing....hehe!

    Have a lovely Mother's Day weekend!

  2. c1ed8, thank you, you have a lovely Mother's Day as well.

    Maybe you should. Take a few weeks and just rest. I'll keep you in prayer.


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