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Mama’s Day

I had the most wonderful Mama’s Day. I was spoiled rotten.

Lupe and I taught Sunday School and of course we didn’t wake up super early. Instead of a mother’s day breakfast we had a picnic in the backyard.

I stayed on my Whole30. Lupe bought Chicken Express for the kids, my sister-in-law and her children. I made a delish shrimp soup. We all ate outside. The weather was gorgeous.
Happy Mama's Day
My niece made a cake for her mama and I. I thanked her kindly but couldn’t eat not one little piece.
My hubby gave me some flowers.
April 006
My sister-in-law in California had my hubby buy flowers from her as well. How sweet!
Joshua made these beautiful cookies that I could not eat.
Happy Mama's Day
Annette made me a card. She added some scripture and had the rest of the family sign it.
From Caleb
Caleb gave me a card. What a sweetie!
From Caleb
My niece gave me a balloon and wrote me a very nice poem.

Annette read Proverbs 31 and Joshua read a poem that he wrote all by himself. Joshua said he was short on cash.

I had a wonderful Mama’s Day. It was relaxing and I just enjoyed being with my hubby and family.

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