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Schoolhouse Review: Spanish for You!

Having my children learn Spanish is very important to my husband and I. We both believe this will benefit our children as they choose their path in life. In fact when working with their dad in a  mostly Hispanic community they do see that if they knew Spanish they’d be able to understand and communicate with them.
Of course when Spanish for You! became available for the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review the children and I were pretty excited to be selected to review it.
We reviewed Estaciones, the theme: Seasons. Your child will learn to say:
  • Days of the week
  • Months
  • Phrases of the weather, like “It’s cold”, “It’s hot”, and many more.
  • Colors
  • Other related words to weather like winter clothing.
What I received:
  • Soft Cover Book
  • 24-30 week lesson guide for grades 3-8 in pdf format
  • Worksheets and Answer Key for grades 3-8 in pdf format
  • Mp3 audio download of the entire book by the author
  • Flashcards/Activity Pictures in pdf format
  • Mp3 audio download bonus book of Native Speaker
You can order Grades 3-8 Package (as mentioned above) for $64.95. If you would like to order a specific grade you can do that as well, each grade level (3-4, 5-6, 7-8) will cost $39.95. An extra book can be purchased for $12.95.
What I really like about Spanish for You! is the weekly lesson guides ( I call them lesson plans). Everything for each week is well organized and has everything you need to do listed. For instance each day will have what pages you are to listen to via the mp3 audio book, any worksheets, if your child needs to make some flashcards, what sentences to translate, and/or optional games to play. So I absolutely love the lesson guide.

The program uses different ways to help your child learn Spanish, by listening, copying and translating sentences, filling out a weather chart (my kids loved doing this), repeating words, phrases and sentences, and doing commands.

By commands, the children will listen to a command in Spanish and do what they heard. An example from the first lesson is draw “It’s nice out” or “Write the word enero”.

I used all three levels of Spanish for You! four times a week with my crew. At first I was printing things out weekly. Around the second week I decided to print all the schedules out because I was forgetting to print things out over the weekend.
Spanish for You!
I printed each child a schedule because there are sentences that need to be translated. It was easier than having two children share one schedule. The answers to the translations are at the bottom so I would put a sticky note over it. When they were done they could check to see if the wrote the correct translation.

We would go over the words using the Mp3 audio book. The Mp3 is absolutely wonderful. I don’t know Spanish so having the words pronounced was a huge plus. This was a time saver. I didn’t have to take the time to figure out how to say the words. You know how busy we mamas are!
We would also practice our vocabulary words together, play with the flashcards, and I ‘d drill the children by calling out a word in either Spanish or English and they would give the correct corresponding word.

Then I’d read off to each child what they needed to do and hand them their schedule. Pretty much they would do the rest on their own.

I purchased a composition book for each child and had them copy all the verbs for more practice. They would write all their sentences in the composition book as well.

My final thoughts: This is a fun way to learn Spanish. I loved that it catered to the needs of the child. If your child likes games, Spanish for You! has you covered. If they do better with listening or writing it’s all in the program.

I’m a worksheet kind of homeschooling mama and Spanish for You! has the children complete a few a week. I liked that the worksheets were not just an add on to keep the children busy. There was thought put into them. When completing the worksheets I had my children try to do as much on their own and what they didn’t remember they were allowed to find the answers.

If you would like to try Spanish for You! there are free mini lessons and worksheets at the Spanish for You! website. Annette used a few mini lessons before our review items arrived.
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