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Week 32

Josh and I had our eyes checked today. Everything looks good. We are finally getting contacts. Yay!
Heart of Dakota
Annette is reading Mystery of History which is part of her Heart of Dakota curriculum.
See the Light
Here she is working on her *See the Light. The children were really excited when they finished their art projects. (pictures forthcoming)
See the Light
Brent working hard with completing his See the Light letter art.
Homeschooling6 Kids
Even my 5 year old nephew was able to join in and make a whale.
Spelling Workout
I am having Joshua review past lists. It’s a slow process but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Spanish for You!
This week we are on lesson 4 of our *Spanish class. I decided to print all the weekly schedules and put them in those little book things. I am still printing out the worksheets on a weekly bases. I haven’t taken the time to print them all at once.
Bob Jones History
After our eye appointment we stopped at Shoemaker and Hardt coffee shop. It was a few doors down. Ethan went with us. After ordering our drinks (I had black coffee) we walked home. I did plan for us to stay for a while, maybe 15 minutes but all the seats were taken and it was to chilly to sit outside. It was 40*.
Chief Brent 
Here is Brent acting silly!

(Any items marked with a star * were given to me free of charge for review purposes via TOS)

1 comment

  1. A light at the end of the tunnel! Woo Hoo!!

    We are going to finish up until Unit 6 of Beyond Little Hearts and then just work on Math & AAS/AAR through the summer.

    Yay for a well deserved break!

    ...and speaking of eyes, I have a new contact / glasses Rx and I've never gone to get them. Money has been too tight, but I need them.

    Enjoy the weekend,
    ~Whispered Abundance


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