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Week 33

Yes, Lance does school I just haven’t taken any pictures lately.
Lance School
I was suppose to purchase *ABeCeDarian two weeks ago but financial things have kept coming up. Like all 4 of our laser printer cartridges went out all at once. Each one cost about $100.00 and I need to print for school and review items. So that and among other things. Hopefully next payday I can order the books.

So in the mean time we are back with Phonics Pathways. Today Lance practiced reading words with the silent final e. He is going to copy them later today.
He also completed a page from Verbal Math Lessons. He did really well. I could tell he with some of the problems he was counting fingers but that’s okay. He’ll get it.

Life of Fred I read another chapter. He loves LOF and usually Brent will join in too.
We picked up *Handwriting Without Tears again. I know if I just stick with it he’ll do very well. He does better writing in cursive than print.
Handwriting without tears

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