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Week 35 (TOS School Day)

This week Caleb (6th), Brent (5th), and Ethan (4th), started a review item this week . . . Excellence in Writing~Student Writing Intensive Level B. I was really excited to be picked to review this item.
The children absolutely loved Mr. Pudewa. He just had them laughing at his funny jokes. I seriously thought they were going to be bored with the student dvd set. Boy was I ever wrong!!!
Excellence in Writing
The ‘class’ lasted about an hour and twenty minutes because I would pause the dvd to let the children think of a sentence from their key word outline. Then we’d play the dvd to see what the other students would say. The kiddos liked that and would smile and laugh when their sentence was the same as one of the online students.

Brent and Caleb did really well. Now my Ethan who is Mr. Drama King, well he took forever to write his paper. I stuck to it though and had him finish. He needs more structure so this is really good for him.
My Annette has really enjoyed another review item See the Light. It has inspired her to try her own letter or word art using chalk.

First she made a rough draft of what she wanted.
See the Light
Here is her completed work. She is becoming quite the artist thanks to Heart of Dakota Curriculum and the Schoolhouse Review Crew.
See the Light
She made a house with the letter ‘L’, a pool with the letter ‘O’, a garden with the letter ‘V’, and a barn with the letter ‘E’. She wants to extend it by adding more pieces of paper to write a message.
Prima Latina
The children and I started week 3 of Prima Latina. It’s a bit simple for my 5th and 6th grade children but we are all having fun with it. It’s just right for Ethan though.

I already have plans to purchase First Form Latin for Annette, Caleb, Brent, Ethan and have their big brother Josh, sit in on our lesson. Lance will start Prima Latina next school year.

As you can see today was a Schoolhouse Review Crew school day.


  1. I love TOS School days! We did First Form Latin and loved it. I'm purchasing Second Form Latin this summer.

  2. They are wonderful aren't they Alyson.

    Tess, that's so exciting. I have tried in the past to keep Latin going but have failed. I feel this is our year now. Yay!

    I love how organized everything is.

  3. I love these days. We are really enjoying Prima Latina. I want the IEW so bad! Have fun!!!


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