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Week 36!!!!

Excellence in Writing
Lance School
This week is going to be a bit on the lite side with school. We all need a break. I have some items that I am reviewing so I don’t want us to stop school just yet. I have been so blessed with IEW, Moving Beyond the Page, Latin, and a computer programing course for the children. I just forgot one thing. We were suppose to take a week off!!!!

Now we will school through June and take some time off after we are done reviewing the above items. My eyes just about popped out of their sockets when I saw all the wonderful vendors and I didn’t plan accordingly.

Thankfully the children are real troopers. The next 6-8 weeks will be TOS School. I’ll take them to the donut shop down the street when we are done and maybe the coffee shop too! I tell ya, I have the best kiddos.

Today we went to the park for an hour. Annette would like to practice her kicking. She wants to be ready so when AWANA starts up again. She said the other children know she’s not a good kicker too, haha. She is so cute! Her dad is suppose to practice with her too!

My next few post might me Atkins/Whole30 related, so sorry if you all are getting bored with my weight loss/better health journey. I was thinking of setting up a separate blog for it but I like having everything in one place.

More homeschooling post will come soon as I need to start writing about next year. This year was a hard one and I’m ready for a better one next homeschool year.

I’m still pondering about starting the new school year in Jan. but it all depends on how we do this summer.


  1. Okay, trying again! Last time the Open ID didn't work again.

    Yay! Week 36!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    Yes, your children are so special to finish school and then have TOS school, too. I'm sure that it will be fun to try out new products.

    We are done with this year, too. We are now preparing for next year and hoping to enjoy a little summer break.

  2. My girls have started Prima Latina too - although we are not on a review for it. We have also just finished Life of Fred - Butterflies. :o)

    Week 36. That is awesome. We are currently on a break - My daughter had her baby, so I figured now was the best time. We are only done with week 17 { our school year runs a bit different }.

    The Paper Maid