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Week 33

Today it’s raining. Just the way we like it. It’s kinda humid to, not the way we like it. But it is cooling off.
Critical Thinking Co.
Lance did another full day of school.
  • Phonics Pathway (he also copied some of the words)
  • Verbal Math Book 1
  • Critical Thinking Co. Math, a few pages
  • Cursive
See the Light
Brent starting a *See the Light art project. He is making Jonah right at the time that the big fish spit him out.
God's Runaway
Annette did this two. We only have so many pastel chalks so not all the children are completing this assignment today. You know, no one has the patience to wait their turn type of thing. Then bickering happens. I don’t feel like dealing with that so only two students at a time. They probably get that from their mama though (being impatient). Because I’m always in a rush. I’m getting better though.
God's Runaway
My teaching sessions:
  • Latin w/Caleb, Brent, Ethan
  • Phonics Pathways w/Lance
  • Phonics Pathways w/Ethan
  • Spelling Power w/Joshua
  • Easy Grammar/Joshua
  • Beast Academy w/Ethan
  • Math Critical Thinking Co. w/Lance
  • Cursive w/Lance
  • Verbal Math w/Lance
  • See the Light w/Annette and Brent
Have a wonderful day!
Discloser: *I received See the Light for review purposes via the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

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