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Weekend Wrap-Up

It was another busy weekend with my hubby, dad, and four of the children getting a rental ready. We did go to church this time though. Last week the electricity was not on in the rental so the crew had only so much daylight and had a lot to do. The sooner the rental is ready the sooner we can rent it out. Time is $$$$’s as they say!
AWANA Awards
Friday Lance took a picture of his AWANA awards. He’s very proud of them. The blue one is for completing Sparky Book 2 and the Red one was for dressing up. He won 1st place.
While I was out shopping the children were cleaning.
Caleb doing the folding . . .
Brent cleaning his room, looks like he having a good time . . .
Fridge Time
Lance had the awesome job of cleaning the fridge! I was shocked when Josh told me he had him do the organize the fridge.
Empty it first
I wish Joshua would have taken an after picture as well. He had everything so organized. All glass containers on top. Store bought items (plastic containers) on the middle shelf and fruits and veggies on the 3rd shelf as well as in the drawers on the bottom.
That night (Friday) Annette and her dad where going to the Father/Daughter Banquet at our church. I made green chili enchiladas. I thought to save time I would buy a whole ready cooked chicken.

I was disappointed because I could not find one that was really all natural. Oh they say they are but there is always an ingredient that isn’t. And just because the package says No Artificial colors and flavors doesn’t make it more ‘natural’
No Artificial Colors or Flavors
Look! Yeast Extract and what is Butter Flavor?!?!
Here is my beautiful daughter all ready to be taken out by her father.
She is wearing a dress that her cousin MaryEllen grew out of. She looks so pretty in it. A friend at church taught me how to tie a bow!!!
Father and Daughter
Awwwe! Thank you Lord for a hubby that dates his daughter.
Annette’s assignment was to write something about her father. She worked on it for two days. Writing, editing, writing, editing, and finally got it just right.
Lupe also took our niece. I was so proud of Annette sharing her special night with her cousin.

Saturday I only had two little hearts. Brent and Lance. After cleaning the house we took a walk to our favorite coffee shop. Shoemaker and Hardt.
Shoemaker & Hardt
My boys before they had their hair cut later that day by their pa!
Vanilla Bean with Oreos
The children had their goody and I had mine. Chocolate~Avocado~Blueberry Pudding.
Chocolate~Avocado~Blueberry Pudding!
I didn’t get a whole lot of reading in. When the kiddos looked around the store I’d sneak a sentence or two.
Atkins for Life
I had Brent try on a funny hat.
Being Silly
After hanging out at the coffee shop we walked to the park.
Park Time
They are conquering the WORLD!!!!
Since it was a Saturday the park had lots of people so the children played on the sign instead.
Across the street is a church. I happened to look that way and noticed they were having a rummage sale. Yay! I found a few book. I got Lord of the Rings in paperpack for a buck. I knew Josh would be excited. I also found “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy”. This book has been on my wish list for a long time. Praise the Lord I got it for $.50.
Then we walked back home to our house.
Just kidding. We don’t live in that beautiful house.
This couple did at one time many years ago. Now it’s used for wedding and such. I need to read the plaque (actually I have but forgot who they are).
Lance made some kind of Star Wars thing.
Saturday Lupe and I went on our date and we shared a t-bone steak. It was good but a little too cooked for us. We like it more medium rare. What we got was almost done.

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  1. Looks like a really exciting weekend!!! Mine was spent couch bound with my back pain. I have company coming next weekend, so I hope that I can finish some of the piles in my home.

    How exciting that your children helped out so much, too! I had a lot of help this weekend, but I wasn't able to take any pictures.

    Have a wonderful week!
    ~Whispered Abundance


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