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Atkins Phase 3 (Wahoo)

I’m 15lbs away from my goal weight so I’m moving to phase 3, wahoo!!! I’m really excited. This means I can add some oatmeal, beans, and the more starchy veggies. Phase 3 is for those who are 10lbs away from their goal weight. I’m 15 am okay with 50 net carbs. If I stall I go back 5 net carbs. I’m so excited.

Phase 3 grains

Phase 3

Phase 3 veggies and legumes

(Credit: list from Atkins phase 3 site)

I don’t think I’m ready to add in a white baked potato yet but I’ll welcome some oats, apples, and pinto beans.

Right now I’m finishing up my THM Fuel Cycle and am happy to say everything for this weeks THM menu lines up with my new foods that are allowed in Phase 3 of Atkins.

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