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Awww . . .

Brothers getting along. Caleb and Lance reading Life of Fred upside down.
Brotherly love
This was on the way home from fixing a rental with their dad. Caleb listening to a WOW Cd.

It’s getting hot here in TX. The mosquitoes are out. Ugh! Hate those pesky things and I don’t use the word hate very often. I just killed one right now, the ugly thing was flying around my computer.

I forgot to write that last week Lance lost a tooth. I need to get a picture of him smiling.
Today Lupe was able to get off work early (2:30). We had to take the children to the doctor appointment at 3:00 p.m. which is an hour away. We really, really, really, like our doctor. Today the children had an immunization shot.

They all did really well. None of them were looking forward to it (I don’t blame them). With Lance being skin and bones they had to give his shot on his thigh. Same with Ethan. I was surprised that Brent being the skinny thing he is (not much meat on that boy at all) that they found enough fat on his arm.

We all came home hungry. Brent wanted us to stop at Wendy’s or McDonalds but I had two Whole30 children with me otherwise I’d have wanted to as well. Instead we went home and Annette cut up some cucumbers, carrots, and a yellow bell pepper. I cooked up a stir-fry. Thinly sliced beef with coconut aminos, spinach, zucchini, and bell peppers. I also steamed some sweet potatoes that I spiraled (that was our noodles) and added ghee and cinnamon, sprinkled a little salt and pepper too. That was our supper. Well that was their supper, I had a huge chicken salad with lots of leafy greens.

We didn’t get a lot of school done today. Earlier my dad, Caleb, Annette and myself went grocery shopping. We bought a lot of veggies, some meat, and things like coconut oil, dates, fruit, and anything that is Whole30 approved. I spent around $250.00. I seriously though I’d only spend about $100.00 on groceries this week.

I did splurge on organic heavy cream for me. Yikes, but it was so good. I’m testing more dairy this week. I don’t plan to use a lot of cheese. I still haven’t purchased any. I do want to test the waters though. I have added whey protein powder back in (love those smoothies). Later this week I’ll try Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

On our date (Sat.) I had an In-and-Out Burger double-double with cheese, no bun or sauce. It was so yummy!

Then Sunday hubby and I had an ‘open house’ at the rental he and the children fixed up. We sorta had a 2nd date over the weekend. On the way home we ate at La Casa something and I had a tostada. I didn’t eat the corn tortilla. I accidently had beans! I was enjoying my tostada which had meat, a chili sauce (probably had sugar but I didn’t know it came with sauce), cheese, sour cream, lettuce and apparently beans. I was scrapping the last of my delish food off the tortilla when I noticed the beans.

It was too late though because it was my last bite. When I noticed I said to Lupe, “I just ate beans!”.

My first since I started Atkins. Thank goodness nothing happened. I figured it was such a little amount anyway.

And on the way home from La Casa something, my hubby spoiled me with a Starbucks coffee. I ordered a sugar free Mocha Frap with heavy cream instead of milk. As you can see I had a lot of dairy over the weekend.

So, so far I’ve been okay with dairy. Not that I suspect anything major as I didn’t have a whole lot of allergies and such, thankfully.

I’ll have to write an update with the kids. They are doing so well and their allergies are improving. More on that tomorrow. Right now I need to get to bed.

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