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Busy Friday

Friday’s are so busy for me. It’s my hang-out time with my dad. He takes me to Sprouts and Walmart for our weekly grocery shopping.

Annette usually goes to and she is very helpful. Ethan tags along as well. He tries to get me to buy him a T.V. dinner at Sprouts or a water. Most times I give into the water but haven’t with the T.V. dinner yet. He tries to pull, ‘they are the healthy kind’ on me. He knows. Like when he wants a snack and I have told him no snack, then he’ll say, “Not even a carrot?” Lance does that too. They know I love when they eat their veggies, so then I do give in.

So here is what a Friday looks like at our house.

7:00: wake, shower, dress
7:30-8:00: Prepare and eat a healthy breakfast.
8:00-9:00: Check emails, make Fat Stripping Frappe, make sure the children know what to do while I’m gone. Take three kiddos with me. Usually Annette, Caleb, and Ethan.
9:00-10:30: Leave for Sprouts.
10:30-11:00: Get home unpack all our good looking veggies, fruits, and other good whole food. Leave for Walmart
11:00-12:30: Shop for the rest of the foods that I couldn’t get at Sprouts.
1:00: Arrive home very hungry, put food on table, fix a good healthy meal, eat, start the long process of putting the food in the fridge.
2:00: kids have quiet time.

I use to spend about $30.00-$50.00 at Sprouts and buy the bulk of our groceries at Walmart when with my dad, at Target and Albertson’s when with Lupe.

Ever since the Whole30 I now spend the bulk of our grocery money at Sprouts and less at the other stores.

Every payday I make sure to purchase coconut oil, Xyla sugar, jar of green olives, organic heavy cream, and anything that is considered an extra.

Coconut Oil
Guess I can stop buying coconut oil for a little while. Every payday I grab some and stock up. Never know when a tight two weeks will come. I use Louana for baking, unrefined when cooking for the family, organic unrefined for me when I want that coconut flavor.

Non payday Friday’s I get lots and lots of veggies to last us through the week and fruit for my Whole30 kids. The other children can eat the fruit to but it’s mainly for Annette and Caleb.

I try to shop as barcode free as possible. I no longer buy processed foods (at least 99.99% of the time). If you see a box of cereal then most likely my Sweets purchased it Winking smile.

I was so hungry when I finally sat down to eat. I splurged and had a Zevia Cream Soda. This is my fuel cycle lunch. I’m suppose to only have 3oz of chicken but I was Huuungry!


Lance made a city with the manipulatives.
My SIL lives in the back so she keeps an eye on the house for me. If the kiddos need anything they can walk a few feet away and ask their Auntie.

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