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Fuel Cycle Week 1

I keep going up and down with the same 3 pounds. I thought I’d give Trim Healthy Mama’s Fuel Cycle a try. These last 17lbs are really holding on even though I’m eating super healthy. I’m thinking maybe a metabolism jump start might help.
I plan to stay within the Atkins foods which means I’ll not eat oats or bread.
The first three days I get to enjoy lots of good fats, leafy greens, protein (meat/eggs), and chocolate. Can’t beat that!

I probably should keep it as ‘whole’ as possible, meaning eat eggs and spinach for breakfast instead of a Cake-in-a-mug but I’m going to splurge a little.

Once I’m done with my Fuel Cycle I’ll continue with Atkins/Paleo way of eating. The only dairy will be greek yogurt and cottage cheese on the days I’m allowed. (okay that went out the window. I had a little bit of Mozzarella cheese in week 2)

Since the Whole30 I have stopped snacking after dinner unless I am really and truly hungry. I’m going to try to stick with this. If I do have a snack after dinner like Skinny Chocolate or Chocolate Pudding it will be very small. Just a few pieces of skinny chocolate or a few spoonful’s of pudding but never huge servings.
Beginning weight: 148.6

Week 1:
Day 1:*Breakfast~ Cake in a mug (pg. 380). Ingredients: egg/water/coconut oil/nunaturals/cocoa powder/vanilla
*Snack~Whey Smoothie add egg yolk and MCT Oil (pg. 243): unsweetened almond milk/ice/nunaturals/Himalayan sea salt/whey protein powder/vanilla/egg yolk/mct oil
*Lunch (12:00 p.m.)~Leafy green salad with tuna, Olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar
*Dinner~Large leafy green salad with chicken and a boiled egg.

Beverages: Coffee with stevia and heavy cream, sweetened black tea, lots of water
Net carbs: + or – around 19. Not that I should be counting but at the end of the day I wanted to know. It’s the Atkins mama side of me.

I wasn’t hungry all day. From 2:15-6:00 we were out, kids had an immunization appt. our doctor is an hour away. We ran a few errands. By the time I came home I was hungry but thankfully not starving~hungry. I should have thought ahead and made a smoothie to take.

Me with my leafy green chicken salad!
Leafy Green Salad
Day 2:
Weight: 148.4
*Breakfast~Whey Smoothie add egg yolk and MCT Oil and a Cake in a mug (this will hold me until lunch which I need since I’m busy teaching.)
*Snack~ around 10:35 I got hungry and ate a little bit of Skinny Chocolate and it did the trick!

Lunch~Huge leafy green salad (dandelion greens, spinach, assortment of lettuces, and arugula), chicken, 2tbls olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar
Snack~Coffee with 2TBL Heavy Organic Cream
~Meatloaf without ketchup or any tomato topping and cooked spinach with a little bit of mushrooms. I added 1 round laughing cow.
*Snack~a little bit of skinny chocolate and a Zevia Cream Soda.

Beverages: Black sweetened tea, iced coffee, water, Good Girl Moonshine
I had about 19 maybe 20 net carbs.

My breakfast didn’t agree with me today. Maybe eating cake for two days is not a good thing, haha. I was also a bit hungry even though I had a big smoothie along with my cake-in-a mug. My body was craving water. I wanted to drink some sweet tea or iced coffee but I know my body wanted water so that is what I drank.

I got hungry but didn’t want to really eat just yet, so I took a few pieces of Skinny Chocolate and I felt much better. My stomach is better too, not sure what that was all about. Maybe I just needed some water.

I love this skinny chocolate and am going to be sad that after day 3 I won’t be able to have it anymore. All it consist of is 1/4 cup cocoa powder, 1/2 cup coconut oil, and sweetener to taste (3-4 tsp of truvia), place on cookie sheet with wax paper and freeze. I used an unrefined organic coconut oil to give it a bit of a coconut flavor. You can use a refined coconut oil if you don’t want that coconutty flavor.
Skinny Chocolate
Day 3:
Weight: 147.4
*Breakfast: I was going to be good and have some eggs but I felt like another cake-in-a-mug. This time I got it right. It tasted so good. I added a little whipped cream and yum! For the first time in days I had a hot coffee. I added 2TBL of Cream (my last day to use heavy cream until Monday). I’m pretty full, so hopefully I won't need a snack (yeah right, who wouldn’t want chocolate pudding!!!)
*Snack~Bits of Skinny Chocolate that I made on the night before day 1.
*Lunch (11:30)~Huge leafy green salad with chicken, olive oil, salt, pepper. Chocolate Pudding about 1/4 cup. Lance loved having this snack with me.
*Snack (2:00)~cake in a mug. I should have had a smaller snack because I got full.
*Dinner: Chicken Wings, steamed broccoli with lots of butter (I love butter).

Beverages: Good Girl Moonshine, water, 1 hot coffee, 1 iced coffee
Sorry my Cake-in-a mug looks so sloppy. It didn’t look like that when I put it in the microwave. I added some whipped cream while it was still hot and it melted to the bottom and was oh so gooey and heavenly!!!
Tomorrow is a low calorie day. This is going to be so weird for me. You know I’m use to consuming my 1500 calories a day and eating lots of good fat. For the next 4 days I’ll be eating low fat cottage cheese, low fat Greek yogurt, and no more cream. Back to almond milk in my coffee. And get this, I’ll be making my eggs without yolks!!! I really don’t like to buy egg whites in a carton because it doesn’t seem natural BUT I don’t want to waste so for the Fuel Cycle I’ll be eating them. Do ya’ think there are nutrients in them? I don’t know.

I am looking forward to having custard one morning, chia pudding another, to tell you the truth, there are so many good foods to eat that there are not enough days to eat them all! I’ll have to try some next weed during Fuel Cycle Week 2.
I am happy that I’ll get to have 1 cup of blackberries. I can’t wait to have that with some Greek yogurt.

Day 4:
Weight: 146.0
*Breakfast: (7:00 a.m.) Greek Pudding Pg. 251. 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt, 1 cup blackberries. Yum!!!! Loving this Fuel Cycle!
*Snack~(9:45) Chia Pudding Pg. 234

*Lunch: 3oz chicken with Fuel Pull Salad Pg. 302. 2 celery stalks, 2 baby tomatoes, salad greens, 2 heaping TBL 1% cottage cheese, and and Hip Trim Honey Mustard Pg. 412.
*Snack: Fat Stripping Frappe pg. 240
*Dinner: (5:40) Chicken thigh with cooked spinach and a little bit of onion. 1tsp coconut oil. (Ooops, no chicken thigh on a FP day. It’s not lean enough. I goofed)

Beverages: Water, green tea, Good Girl Moonshine (no coffee other than the frappe today).
My Fat Stripping Frappe!
Fat Stripping Frappe
I was looking forward to my Greek yogurt today. I’m going to miss my heavy cream for the next 4 days though.

The first four days I have woken up hungry. Do you think it’s my body burning all that fat? Now that my carbohydrates will go up a bit I wonder if I’ll wake hungry tomorrow.

Calories (give or take): 860
Net Carbs (give or take a few): 52.5

Calories should be around or less than 1000 so I’m really going to be strict with what I eat the next two days. Wish I had some Konjac/glucomannan  noodle. I will order some on Friday, hopefully they’ll be here next week. Just a little short on cash this week.
I didn’t care for the Chia Pudding too much but I’ll try it again (oops, maybe not see next paragraph). This morning after breakfast and after my snack I was a bit, um, gassy and bloated. Eeeks, I don’t like to talk so personal.
Because I have added some dairy back with no problem I didn’t think it was the Greek yogurt. I did a quick google search on Chia Seeds and although they have lots of healthy benefits, one of the un-so pleasant side effects is it can cause gas and intestinal bloating, interesting.

Day 5:
Weight: 146.4
*Breakfast: Light Baked Custard 1/3 of it. pg. 218
*Snack: Fat Stripping Frappe
*Lunch: 3oz chicken thigh with cooked spinach, a little bit of onion sauteed in 1tsp. coconut oil. Love this. It’s so good when the chicken gets a bit crispy, onions a little burnt and the spinach soaking up all the flavors!
*Snack: 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt, 1 cup blackberries, 1 scoop plain whey protein powder, and a few shakes of nunaturals.
*Dinner: 3oz chicken, spaghetti squash with some red sauce and a TBL of parm cheese. Maybe a handful of spinach thrown in while cooking the chicken.
*Snack: chocolate pudding.

Beverages: Water, Zevia Ginger Root Beer Soda
My Light Custard for breakfast was too sweet and not very filling. I won’t be having it as a meal anymore. As a snack it would be fine. I’ll be out shopping from 9:00 to noon so I’m taking along my Frappe.

Hopefully the spaghetti squash doesn’t ruin my first week. I wasn’t going to eat it but it looked so good.

(1TBL of parm cheese went along way. I didn’t really taste it though so I'll skip it next time. Also I was suppose to use the one in the green container (I guess Kraft maybe) but I didn’t have any.)
Chicken, spinache, spaghetti squash
Well that was my first week. I’m happy that I lost 2lbs. Hopefully I’ll lose a few more. Tomorrow I’ll start Week 2. I’m so excited I get to have cream in my coffee again, wahoo!

Normally I’d include day 6 and 7 but I’m cutting this cycle short. Tomorrow is date night and I want some red meat. I don’t go on a date to have a light chicken salad. I should have thought this out before starting but I wasn’t thinking. I forgot that father’s day is this weekend as well. I would like to enjoy some ribs or a hamburger without the bun.

It also took me all weekend to read and reread about the Fuel Cycle in chapter 28 to fully understand and make my menu. Hopefully this doesn’t goof me up. The next two weeks I’ll do as written.

(Technically I’m not suppose to do the FC from Healthy Trim Mama. It’s reserved for those who are freestyling but stalled who are using Trim Healthy Mama. I of course am on Atkins but thought I’d give this a try. The Fuel Cycle is based on the JUDD Diet which I had never heard of before.)

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  1. You are doing awesome! Can't wait to join you on the THM meals as soon as the move is over. Just tell me what to eat and I'm with 'ya! ;)


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