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Fuel Cycle Week 3 (June 22-28)

Last week I did pretty good. The first week I cut it short and goofed on one meal, yikes! I don’t know if I should go one more week after this or do what the Healthy Trim Mama’s call free-styling. Free styling is eating E, S, FP, all mixed up. So for breakfast you might have an S , FP snack, E lunch, and an E dinner. I call this the mix-and-match eating Winking smile. Then again, just eating natural (Paleo) is good too. My daughter Annette wants to go Paleo (with a few cheat days now-and-then) after her Whole30. I’m so proud of her.

Week 3

Weight: 145.6

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach
Lunch: Chicken thigh cooked in butter and cauliflower rice also cooked in butter.
Snack: Cake in a mug pg. 380
Dinner: Salmon with broccoli. Salted and peppered to taste

Hubby got home late and I didn’t eat dinner until 8:00. I was so not feeling good. I know I went too long without eating.

I made some Skinny Chocolate and had a few pieces. My last batch lasted two weeks (only ate on deep S days), so I don’t eat much at a time. Just a bit here-and-there.

Day 2
Weight: 144.8

Breakfast: Fat Stripping Frappa (Sunday morning I need a quick breakfast).
Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs with Louisiana Hot Sauce (family will have Whole 30 approved Chili).
Snack: Cake in a mug and green salad. My stomach felt like something more nutritious. I knew not to eat the cake but ate it anyway and felt a bit nauseated.
Dinner: In-n-out burger with no sauce or bun
Snack: Starbucks Skinny Mocha with Heavy Cream (couldn’t resist writing heavy, hehe).

Dinner was pretty late (8:00 p.m.) and had Starbucks aft wards, so I don’t expect any pounds lost over night. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m back to 145.

Day 3
Weight: 145.5

Brunch (woke late): Scrambled eggs with spinach cooked in butter.
Snack: Frappa and green leafy salad.
Dinner: Fantastic Meatloaf pg. 316, no tomato sauce on mine. Green leafy salad mix.

I was a bit disappointed about being up a pound but I was expecting it. During the Fuel Cycle I have not yo-yoed but pretty consistent, so that has been encouraging.

I think I haven’t been eating enough greens so snacks today will include salads. I’m going to be a rabbit today Winking smile

Day 4
Weight: 144.4

Breakfast: Big Man Smoothie with 1 cup frozen strawberries. Had an early 8:00 dentist appt.
Lunch: Fuel Pull Pizza (tomato paste, 1 laughing cow cheese thinly sliced, cottage cheese), green herb salad.
Snack: Coffee with stevia, Cake in a Bowl with a bit of Reddi Wip . The cake came out really good.
Dinner: Mini Meat Loaves pg. 318, Qiona, huge green leafy salad.

That smoothie did not hold me until 12:30 when we got home. I was so hungry!!!

I was happy to see I lost a pound and am back at 144.

Day 5
Weight: 145.0

Breakfast: Cookie Bowl Oatmeal pg. 232 with some Reddi Wip, sugar free of course.
Snack: Muffin in a bowl
Lunch: Fuel Pull Pizza with green salad
Snack: Frappa
Dinner: Easy Chicken Yogurt Bake pg. 322 with green veggies

We did not like the Easy Chicken Yogurt Bake, not one of us.

Aaack, I gained some ounces today. Only a few more days to reach my –5lbs. I’m so close but not sure if I’ll make it.

The Muffin in a Bowl is so good!

Muffin in a bowl

Hubby took us all to the track today. I walked a mile.

Day 6
Weight: 144.0

Breakfast: Trim Healthy Pancakes with either sugar free jam or Cottage Berry Whip pg. 379.
Lunch: Tortilla with 2TBL cream cheese, lean meat, and greens, with baked apple (apple cored, cut, baked with cinnamon and sweetener) pg. 379. (Ooops, cream cheese made my E meal a light S)
Snack: Muffin in a Mug with a cup of java. So good!
Dinner: 1/2 cup beans, 1 low carb tortilla, greek yogurt, med. apple (I didn’t have it for lunch after all).

I’m bummed I goofed with my lunch but that’s okay. I’m almost done yay! As much fun as I’m having on this Fuel Cycle I’m ready to be done as well. I walked another mile today.

I’m yo-yoing again, not good. 144 then 145. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be 143!

Day 7
Weight: 144.4

Breakfast: Trim Healthy Pancakes (so good) with coffee (stevia and a dab of reddi wip).
Snack: Big Man Smoothie
Lunch: Bean burrito with Greek yogurt and salad
Dinner: Fuel Pull Pizza I ended up changing this to a bean burrito dinner because hubby said he’d bring pizza home for the kids and I was too lazy to make a pizza.

People say they gain on their E days, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow. As you can see I haven’t been able to get any lower than 144. I started at 148.6. My goal is to lose 5lbs. I’m so close too. Tomorrow’s weigh in I really do hope to see the scale at 144 or below. Kinda scary with all the carbs I’ll be eating today.

Weighed in at 144.0 for a total weight loss of 4.2 pounds. I didn’t make it to my goal of 5lbs but hey, I loved eating chocolate cake everyday!

I don’t know where I’m going. I love being able to have berries as a ‘free’ food but I’m still uncomfortable  with putting together an E meal (not afraid just not sure if I understand how to).

While on the Fuel Cycle I found I’m allergic to wheat gluten. I was bloated and had gas a lot because of the Joseph breads, low carb tortillas, and chia seeds. When I ate the Trim Healthy pancakes I’d get gas as well due to the oats in the recipe.

I use to be like this a lot before I started Atkins. All the stomach and bathroom issued disappeared while eating Atkins/Paleo (having no grains or legumes). I just thought gas and being bloated was part of what happens when one ages , haha, not so. It was from the wheat.

Here’s what I had today (not on fuel cycle anymore):

Breakfast: Woke late had a cup of coffee with heavy cream. Yum!
Lunch: Three hours later I had the last of my Trim Healthy Pancakes with jam, berries, and 0% Greek yogurt.
Snack: Green leafy salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, and some Walden dressing.
Snack: Around 5:30 I was hungry again and had a muffin in a bowl.
Dinner: Steak with a salad at Steakhouse
Snack: Coffee with cream and stevia

As you can see I put an E meal in there but am not sure if I’ll continue tomorrow. I’ll do an Atkins day tomorrow which means S meals to give me more time to decide.


  1. You are doing so well! I am going to copy all your weekly what I ate lists and just copy you! ;) Way to go with all of your hard work!

  2. Thanks Michele, can't wait to do this together. It'll be so much more fun =)

  3. LOL! I think I need to do what your previous commenter wrote and copy you!!

    Congratulations again!!

    I went out of town for over a week, did a LOT of eating out --like nearly every day, and was pleasantly surprised to have only gained 2 lbs. Now I am back to following a rigid plan and hope to finally rid myself of these last few pounds.


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