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How to Make Ghee

During the Whole30 I purchased my Ghee but this time around with the children I decided to make it. A girlfriend on the Atkins’ forum said she made her ghee in the crock-pot so I thought I’d give it a try. Sounds easy enough!

Ghee is butter heated over low heat or in a crock-pot. As it melts the milk solids separate from the liquid and water removed. What you are left with is the fat.
What’s so wonderful about ghee is it does not have to be refrigerated and it gives it a higher smoke point.

More on Ghee:
  • About 60% of ghee’s fat content is saturated
  • It’s heat stable is around 400* unlike butter which you have to watch carefully or it will burn.
  • It doesn’t have lactose or casein making it suitable for some who are lactose intolerant.
  • Interesting article on ghee ~ Why We Were Wrong About Ghee.
Here is how I made ghee and it was not hard at all.

I purchased unsalted butter. You can use salted butter, it may ‘foam’ more and the ghee will taste more salty, so when cooking with it you’ll want to keep that in mind.
I put 10 sticks of butter in the crock-pot.
My crock-pot does not have high, medium, or low settings. I put it to cook for 10 hours which is the lowest setting. Not that it took that long.
2 hours on the lowest setting it was bubbling. Milk solids are at the bottom.
4 hours you can see some toasty brown particles floating at the top. This helps give the ghee a good flavor. If you want clarified butter you can stop cooking it.
5 hours it’s ready. With a spoon I skimmed the browned milk solids off.
Use cheesecloth, a clean towel, or even an old shirt (um, yes, I used the latter the very first time I made ghee because I didn’t have cheesecloth) to strain the remaining milk solids.

With this step you might need to have someone help you. I had Caleb hold the cheesecloth in place while I carefully poured the ghee (which I let cool for about 20 minutes). Caleb would tell me when my jar was almost full.

I have a little spoon notch on my crock-pot which helped the ghee to pour out more safely. If you don’t have this, please be careful or maybe use a ladle instead.
Here is what is left in my crock-pot.
The final product. Pretty gold color I thought!
The photographer in me had to have a little photo shoot with the final product.  Ghee
Now you can enjoy ghee in your cooking. As far as baking, you’ll have to experiment. I haven’t found any dessert recipes.

Ghee is more of an oil so science in the kitchen to see if one can bake with it.
Ghee is used in Indian cooking, I wonder if they bake with it, hmmm, google search time Winking smile.

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  1. This sounds like a cheaper alternative. I'm still not sure that I understand the health benefits.


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