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Schoolhouse Review: Memoria Press

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Latin has been a language I’ve been wanted to teach my children since we started homeschooling 10 years ago. I believe it’s pretty important but you know what? I have not been very successful with implementing a Latin program.
Thankfully as part of the Homeschool Review Crew I was very blessed with Prima Latina. A Latin program by Memoria Press.
I received Prima Latina the Complete Set ($90.90):
  • Student Book
  • Teacher Manual
  • Flashcards
  • Instructional DVDs
  • Pronunciation CD
Prima Latina recommended age/grade: Grades 2-4 (I used this with my 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys).
This program includes 25 lesson which covers grammar as well, now that’s a plus. Teaching two subjects at once!
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Each lesson consist of:
  • A new grammar skill
  • 5 vocabulary words
  • Latin phrase
  • New line of the current prayer
Also included in the program:
  • 5 review lessons (in student book)
  • 5 test (in teacher manual)
The boys and I were eager to start and Prima Latina made it very easy do dive in the day after receiving it. All I had to do was pop in the DVD to watch our first lesson.
The DVD is great! Leah Lowe goes over everything that will be completed in the workbook for that lesson. For instance in lesson 1 she will introduces the Alphabet, Vocabulary, Latin Prayers, Derivatives, and Practical Latin (which in the lesson was Salve~Hello).
We all enjoyed the DVDs. They are professionally done and Miss Lowe is a wonderful teacher.
The Teacher Manual is a duplicate of the student workbook with all the answers included. In the back of the book you will find the tests, General Teaching Guidelines, Sample Lesson Plan, Reproducible Vocabulary Drill Page, and all the Latin words in alphabetical order.
The Vocabulary Drill is a worksheet that can be used throughout the week to really get the Latin words memorized and have the student practice spelling them as well. Your children will hear the word, see the word, say, and write the words in Latin and English.
The student workbook is clean and uncluttered. Everything is very organized. There is enough space for a younger student to write. In the workbook the children translated words, wrote each vocabulary word and its meaning, answered some grammar questions, there is a check-off list of exercises. For instance:
  • Say each vocabulary word and its meaning five times.
  • Practice saying the Latin Prayer from lesson _ and _.
  • Say ‘mea culpa’ whenever you make a mistake this week.
As the children complete them they check them off.
I used this with Caleb (6th), Brent (5th), and Ethan (4th). They all really liked this program and I enjoyed learning right along with them.
How we used it: Monday we would watch the new lesson on the DVD. I would pause it and go over the new words a few more times throughout the DVD. After watching the lesson I would have us all review the previous weeks words and prayers. I used the flashcards to go over the words.
We didn’t use the CD too much like I thought we would. Maybe because we did this all together and paused the DVD to make sure we were saying the words accurately. About twice we weren’t sure with a Latin word and that is when we pulled out the CD.
Tuesday-Friday the children and I would sit together and go over the prayer, vocabulary words, etc. We would correct and go over the workbook pages. All of them were able to complete the workbook on their own. They would do this after our review time.
My final thoughts: Prima Latina is a very organized program which makes it doable for this homeschooling mama of 6. There was not a whole lot of prep. The workbook, DVD, CD, and flashcards made this so stress free to use. Teaching Latin was not as difficult nor boring as I thought it might be. I predicted yawns and “Are we done yet?”, but that was not the case.
Memoria Press has put a detailed and organized Latin program together. Making it super easy to get started. I didn’t have to spend hours getting ready. The lessons were not drawn out and overly long.
In the fall I would like Lance to start Prima Latina. The three older children will use First Form Latin.
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