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Schoolhouse Review: See the Light

See the Light

I have had the privilege to have seen Jason Pence one of the See the Light artist in person. He came to our church a few years back during CHRISTmas and the chalk art was just beautiful. I absolutely loved it and was intrigued.

I was very happy to be one of the reviewers. I received God’s Runaway DVD ($14.99). Can you guess who ran away from God, yup Jonah!

God's Runaway

The recommended age for God’s Runaway is 6 and up. I used this with ages, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Even my 5 year old nephew joined in on the Obey lesson. His picture didn’t look like a big fish but he had fun just participating with his cousins.

God’s Runaway includes a beautiful narrated and illustrated chalk art story story of Jonah (13 minutes). It’s amazing what one can do with chalk. At the end of the story the black light shines on the picture and shows what Jonah must do.

3 art lessons are included.

  • Obey, your child will learn how to enhance a picture (in this lesson it’s a whale) with letters. In this lesson the child learns how to draw a whale and uses the word ‘obey’ as the message (18 minutes).

See the Light

Lance completed the one above and Ethan’s is below.

April 018

  • Released, in this lesson the children get to use chalk and they had a lot of fun with it. Annette really enjoyed this lesson. She was inspired by the first lesson “Obey” and this one to make her own ‘word art’ using the chalks. (33 minutes)

See the Light

See the Light

  • Salvation is From the Lord~I like how Mr. Pence tells the story of how the whale actually saved Jonah. Being swallowed by a big fish was not a punishment.


In this piece (which Annette was not happy with) there is an invisible message which one needs the black light to see. Unfortunately my camera does not take great pictures in the dark. This is a really fun art project that Annette would like to attempt again and try to make it better. She used watercolor paper but she must have over wet it.

The neon chalk and crayons along with the black light are the key with adding some ‘glowing’ fun. The children thought it was the neatest thing.

At the beginning of each lesson the art instructor will show you what the student needs to complete the lesson. I would watch the the lesson before the children and would note what was needed.

Bonus features include:

  • Revel, has Gloria Kohlmann draw her art expression of the story. This is amazing and we all enjoyed watching it. Very relaxing too!
  • Watch and hear the plan of salvation, beautiful! The story of salvation has children asking about God. There is beautiful art throughout the story.

The Story of Salvation

  • Hear Gloria Kolmann, here she talks as she’s making the Jonah scene. She gives tips, Annette really learned a lot from this. She used Ms. Kolmann’s advice to make other chalk art. Ms. Kolmann’s also tells the Jonah story.
  • Meet the See the Light team!

Supplies needed:

  • Black light. I purchased mine from See the Light. The kids loved seeing their art come alive with this light.
  • Crayola Extreme Pencils, again I purchased mine from See the Light.
  • Fluorescent chalk, yes, I purchased mine from See the Light.

You can purchase a The Deluxe Gift Set of the three items listed as well as God’s Runaway DVD for $29.99. I love bundles like these because it saves me time and just makes things a little easier for this homeschooling mama.

To see a complete list of supplies please visit the See the Light website.

How did we use See the Light~God’s Runaway? First thing we did was watch the Story of Jonah. The art is amazing.

We took a week for each art lesson. The children completed each lesson in three days. First they watched the lesson so they knew what to expect. Then the next day they completed half the lesson. The third day they finished.

We paused the dvd when the children needed extra time to complete part of the picture.

I thought the children did great! I’ll admit I was surprised at how well they did. The instructions were easy to follow.

Annette and Brent are looking forward to some more See the Light art lessons.

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