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Summer School Week 3

I haven’t taken too many pictures this week. We are continuing with our TOS Summer School.

Brent it really enjoying Moving Beyond the Page Immigration and Caleb loves the poetry unit. Ethan, well you now Ethan. He doesn’t like school period.

I did get a picture of my sweet girl.
Here is one of Annette’s writing assignments from Heart of Dakota. I thought her penmanship was really nice.
Handwriting without tears
We are slowly getting Lance through his Handwriting without Tears workbook. I need to be consistent with him. I’m so bad. So many people think I’m Super Homeschooling Mom but I’m not. I’m super lazy mom or super unorganized mom.
Lance read his first Aesop Fable and finished his first chapter of B-1 ABeCeDarian Reading. I was hoping to get him further along in this reading program but like I said, I’m Super Lazy Homeschool Mom. Ugh, sigh, and we’ll get there.

Caleb, Brent, and Ethan, also studied their Latin and did math. Josh did almost all of his subjects.

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  1. We need to be neighbors, mama!! I am the same way, but I can tell you, you do a great job schooling your children! It is hard work and never-ending...which for me means that somedays I just want a break for a second (or 2 hours)!


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