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TOS Summer School Week 1

We are calling our summer school TOS because that’s what we’ll be using for the most part. Especially for the three middle boys.

I have decided to teach Caleb, Brent, and Ethan together. We have been starting with Moving Beyond the Page, Social Studies. The children are learning about immigrants. I’d have some pictures for you but Joshua has left my camera in the Yukon and I so miss it.

After Social Studies we moved to Poetry. This week the children have been illustrating some of the poems. They have done quite well. Again, I sure would love to have some pictures.

Once done with poetry we do Latin. Right now we are reviewing the prayer, vocabulary, and greetings.

Then we break for lunch and meet back at 1:00 for Excellence in Writing. The kids love Mr. Pudewa and are disappointed that we haven’t watched him this week. Right now the children are practicing their key word outline and rewriting their paragraph adding an –ly adverb and a ‘which’ clause. Next week we will continue to the next lesson. Love this program.

By now I’m super tired but must carry on =) Lance School is next. We do Verbal Math, ABeCeDarian B-1, and Handwriting Without Tears-Cursive. We don’t do Life of Fred every, single, day, like I would like to. Hopefully next week I’ll add LOF back in and do it regularly.

I really want the children prepared for September.

Since I have no pictures I thought I’d share our Saturday pics! Lance and I were home alone.
Shoemaker and Hardt
We went to our favorite coffee shop. I bought him a cold chocolate milk and a cookie with sprinkles. Yum, although I didn’t take a bite. I had tea. See that little sweetener in the back, I put a little in my tea. I don’t plan on purchasing that brand anymore. Has too much junk. I’ll just stick to the Stevia with the little dropper.
Shoemaker and Hardt Coffee
It wasn’t really that dark inside. My camera is not that great anymore. It’s slow and, well, just old. I would love a new one.
Shoemaker and Hardt
I took a picture of the date. I thought it was cute! Notice the lighting. See, not sure why the other pictures came out so dark. I took this shot from where I was sitting.
Lance moved one of his pieces and said, “That’s my bait!”, I couldn’t see me getting caught if I moved where he wanted me to so I took the bait.
Lance, “Oh, I goofed, I thought I could jump you!”. He so funny. I won the game!!!
Lance and I were sitting on a bench when he saw a bird and took a picture. He crept up slow so he would not scare the bird away.

While sitting and chatting Lance said he knew the park was going to be crowded because it was Saturday. He said he didn’t like crowds, one time (I’m guessing we were at the mall) in a crowded place he started following someone that he thought was me. He realized it wasn’t and immediately started looking for us. He stated that he was about five years old at the time and not saved so he didn’t pray. He made me laugh with his cute story.
Lance  made a telescope. He loves watching Curious George. This is where he got the telescope idea. Curious George made one.
Lance said, “Ones man junk is someone else's neat stuff”.
Annette helping her dad put in a floor.
Josh doing some prep work.
Brent painting a wall.
I’m not sure what Caleb is doing, painting maybe?!?!
The renters never mentioned that there was a rat family living with them. Gross! The little guys came and went in the house as they pleased. There was evidence that they were being well fed in the house. Outside close to the house there was a whole family living there. Little tunnels and all.

That was our Saturday.

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