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TOS Summer School Week 2

TOS School
Lance woke up and started school on his own. I love when he does this it’s also hard fore as well. I’m still waking up and wanting my coffee. Lance is, “Where’s my school mom?”
TOS SChool
Studying hard my little guy. He finished 2nd grade and will start 3rd in the fall. Wow!
Verbal Math
Today’s math lesson was place value. We used Verbal Math. I need to get going with Life of Fred. In the fall he’ll start Rod and Staff math (I think) or Teaching Textbook. Not sure which.
Lance worked from some of his odd and end math books. He did great!
Excellence in Writng
Caleb using the check list from Excellence in Writing. Making sure he added the required dress-ups and such.
TOS SUmmer School
Brent helping me out with Lance.He was so kind to listen to his little brother read.
ABeCeDarian B-1
Writing WIth Susan Watson
Joshua loves Writing with Susan Watson. He talks about his writing with his dad. He really, really, likes this one. A total keeper.
Writing with Susan Watson
Next school year I’ll have:
  • Joshua~10th
  • Annette~8th
  • Caleb~7th
  • Brent~6th
  • Ethan~5th
  • Lance~3rd
Seems like yesterday I was getting started with Joshua. Now he’s almost done with school.


  1. Wow! Love those smiles during summer school...I can imagine my girls wouldn't be as pleasant..HA!

    Special credit to the "teacher" behind those willing smiles. You are such a wonderful Mom and friend.

  2. Thank you (((hugs))) you are too mama!!!

    Lance was having a good morning. He's pretty moody so I was happy to see lots of smiles from him this morning.

  3. What do you think of that Mathematical Reasoning book?

  4. Hi, Mary, I like it but more for supplementing right now. Today Lance completed four pages. He does well then gets stuck and we have to go over the concept using manipulatives.



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