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It’s been a busy weekend or maybe I should say productive. Saturday my Sweets took three of the children to fix up a rental. I had Brent, Ethan, and Lance.
The kids played and would help me every-so-often with cleaning. My big project was getting everything out of the kitchen cupboards and scrubbing them clean. I wanted to organize as well.
This is what was in the pantry below.
Trying to figure out what to put in this pantry. It’s so deep that things get pushed to the far back and lost.
Thank you Jesus
Now I know this probably doesn’t look very organized but it is, hehe.
  1. Top shelf has all my mama foods for my diet.
  2. The 2nd shelf has the small spices, teas in the back, and Whole30 foods for the children.
  3. 3rd shelf as big items like white vinegar, my dad’s oatmeal, and a container of measuring cups.
More Stuff
Again Linda organized. Hee,hee.
  • Top shelf has my spiralizer, spice grinder, hand mixer, toward the back glass bowls. I know my Atkins bars seem out of place but there wasn’t room on my special shelf.
  • 2nd shelf are the bigger plastic bowls. In the back I have my tall pot that seems to always end up on the floor because it didn’t fit with the other pans. I also have a container for mason jar lids that float around.
Before all these bowls were being stuffed in any cupboard where they would fit. One day they would be in one and another day in a different location. Now they have a home. I know what is in the far back. Yay! Oh, there was no place away from the children for my Joseph’s Lavash Bread. I didn’t want the kids to smash or shove it some place. I did find my handmixer on it, sigh.
Other Pantry
This one looks a bit more organized.
  • Top shelf, my hubbies very limited cereal (I’m trying to get rid of cereal but its been slow). I found some oatmeal packets, so the kiddos will finish them off and then no more. Back there is my Louisiana Hot Sauce and applesauce. Some of the bigger food items will go back there. My Lasagna pan won’t be so full once the oatmeal is gone and will be more accessible.
  • 2nd shelf, larger spices, bowls in the back
  • 3rd shelf extra cereal containers and my muffin-in-a minute basket. The basket has all my cake and muffin in a mug supplies. Keeps mama from being grumpy when she can’t find her tsp. and measuring cups. Smile
I moved the plates from another space. In the back are my mugs. On the top shelf I put glass bowls and such. The top shelf items were not always accessible either and many times were thrown anyplace the kiddos could find a spot. Very frustrating.
Canned goodss
I’m going to try and keep our canned good contained here. In other words not over buy like I normally do. I usually go grocery shopping every Friday so I need to stop hording.
Mama's things
I know your probably thinking this is not organized and your right. What I did was put more of my things here but haven’t organized it yet. At least I know where my coffee items are. The canned tuna is for my Fuel Cycle days and didn’t fit in the other cupboard. Originally I was going to put my coffee and whey protein stuff here but a few other items were shoved in as well.
Processed food
Top shelf is the last of our processed foods. I hope not to see them anytime soon once they are gone. I’m sure taco shells and spaghetti noodles will find there way into our house but it won’t be to stay. Just a visit here and there.

And that is what I did this Saturday. It took me a good five hours. I was tired when done but it was well worth it. I love a clean and organized kitchen. Especially now that most of the food I prepare is made from scratch.


  1. It feels so good to get organized doesn't it? It looks good!

  2. Yes it does. Thank you! I know my organizing can sometimes not look so organized, lol.


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