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Whole30 Days 3 & 4

The children are doing wonderful. Not saying it’s super easy. They have asked, “How many days left?”

Day 3:
Breakfast~Caleb, had eggs with mixed forzen veggies, an onion and bell pepper blend. Annette had fruit with a hard boiled egg.
Lunch~Chicken and veggies.
Supper~Spaghetti with veggie noodles.
Whole30 Approved
All the children enjoy this dish (yay). Including my picky eater (Ethan). I haven’t bought a block of cheese in over a month so we all ate it dairy free. I don’t even miss my cheese yet.

Day 4:
Breakfast~Annettte ate blueberries. Caleb had some leftover crustless quiche. I chopped this up in a pan added some mixed veggies and it was very good.
Lunch~Annette had some Chocolate Chili. Caleb had leftover spaghetti.
Supper~Chocolate Chili for all and it was a hit. I did grate some zucchini and carrots and added that to the pot of chili. I used 4lbs of meat to make this chili (I doubled it) and only had one serving left. Now that tells you it was good. Almost no leftovers. I had three of my SIL’s children over for supper and they all liked it too!!!

Breakfast is a little bit difficult. The kiddos aren’t into making a hot breakfast and I ain’t into cooking one up every morning as well Rolling on the floor laughing.

We don’t always have leftovers. I’m working on getting us to all eat a better breakfast, It’s just taking some time.

I usually soaked some oats. Annette or I’d heat it up in the morning and that’s what they all ate.  Before that it was cereal. I am trying to get us off cereal completely.
For now I think fruit is going to be it for Annette. I know she needs a protein so I do have boiled eggs available. Next week I hope to cook up a turkey, this way we’ll have some meat on hand to grab-and-go.

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