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Whole30 Day 1

Caleb and Annette did great today. I’m so proud of them.

Breakfast~Crustless Quiche, it had zucchini, carrots, eggs,  and seasoning with some bacon.

Lunch~boiled egg, salad with lots of veggies. Caleb had an apple too.
Supper~Chicken and beets. Caleb said the beets taste like sweet dirt but he ate it.
Chicken cooked in homemade ghee.
Caleb had some blueberries for a snack and Annette had half an orange.

They both spent the majority of the day away from home with their dad, so I’m really, really, proud that they stuck with it.

When Lupe, Brent, Ethan, and Grandpa ate lunch out, Caleb and Annette had their sack lunch too. Great job kiddos!

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