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Whole30 Day 2 (Kids)

I had carefully planned our meals for today but of course the day didn’t go that way.
Breakfast~leftover crust-less quiche. We chopped it up and added some cooked ground meat.

Lunch~for Annette it was only fruit. I had planned for us to come home after church. The night before I made spaghetti with meat sauce. The noodles being squash. Instead of eating with our church family which has a monthly potluck I planned for the family to eat at home.

We forgot that one of our friend’s son was having a going into the marines ceremony. Of course that was too important to miss so we stayed. I didn’t eat anything. Annette and Caleb ate fruit. When we arrived home I heated up some leftover chicken and beets for me. Caleb only wanted the chicken.

Both Caleb and Annette did very well especially with all that good food and desserts floating around. Good job kids!

Supper~more fruit, boiled egg, and carrots. Again, I didn’t expect the children to be gone during supper time so I hadn’t cooked any extra chicken for them to take along.
I knew it would be hard starting this weekend with so much going on but my Annette was so excited to get going.

Thankfully they survived.

No pictures today. My hubby and the children took the camera with them. Most likely to take pictures of the house they are fixing up.
I am here home alone. A first in a very long time.

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