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Whole30 Day 7

Caleb (actually both) is doing so well. I very proud of him. Today he made his own eggs and sausage for breakfast and tonight he cooked his breakfast for tomorrow. All he has to do is heat it up. He’ll be up early with his dad.

I know this is not easy for my Caleb. He loves his goodies that his Auntie V. brings home. Today his dad took him and Josh to RaceTrac and Caleb didn’t drink any soda. I’m just so impressed with him. It’s day 7 and he hasn’t had any type of bread. He loves his starch.

I don’t buy a lot of processed food but some how it seems to creep in and Caleb just loves it. He’s a big eater too.

Right now his favorite food is blueberries. He likes when I whip up some coconut cream. He adds the cream to his frozen blueberries and sprinkles some coconut flakes on it. Yum!

Annette too, she has become so creative with her food. She makes veggie soup, thankfully she loves veggies. Caleb I have a harder time with getting those veggies in. He will eat spinach like their chips so that’s good.

Caleb is no longer wheezing. He doesn’t have a stuffed nose like he use too. Hopefully the Whole30 will continue to help him with his allergies/asthma.

With Annette she is still stuffed but I have noticed she is not constantly blowing her nose. She is still breathing through only one nasal passage. I pray that the Whole30 will get her breathing through both.

This Whole30 (and Atkins) has me cooking up a lot of veggies and thankfully the kiddos try them all. I found that I love beets. They are so good and I can’t wait to eat more. The children sort of like them and sort of don’t. I plan on making them again. Ethan my most picky eater said he’d try them again.
I made salmon patties and added zucchini the children liked it. They all like the spaghetti noodles, although Lance did ask when he can eat regular noodles again (not anytime soon son, haha).

As for me I am eating as close to Whole30 as possible but I have added stevia back in my diet. I did eat a cheese burger last Saturday (date night) at Country Burger. I also had some sweet potato fries. I love Country Burgers and had planned to eat there with my hubby. Of course my next meal was an Atkins one.

Tomorrow (date night) I plan to eat an In-and-Out burger double-double with cheese. Minus the sauce and bun. Other than the Country Burger I have not had any dairy. In fact I haven’t bought any cheese since March.

I now say I’m on Atkins with a Paleo twist.


  1. How do you make beets? Do you have some recipes to use them in? I have a friend who is on a very strict diet due to chronic lymes that has her bedridden much of the time. She has only 18 foods she can eat - and beets is one of those 18. I'm trying to come up with some different ways for her to eat them, but am at a loss. I'd love to hear your ideas for them. Blessings.

  2. Jamie Oliver has an amazing recipe for roasted beets with balsamic vinegar and rosemary that are to die for. They are like eating candy good, only better, 'cuz they are so good for you! Shoot me an email and I will type it for you!


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