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Whole30 Kids


Annette enjoying her Whole30 lunch. Chili and watermelon. One of her favorite recipes is that chili. When she’s done with the Whole30 I plan to make the chili but add cheddar cheese. This way we can figure out if dairy is one of the culprits that is causing allergies or her asthma.

Annette wants to continue eating clean as possible and mentioned she’d like to go Paleo with some cheats now-and-then. I do think I can help make that happen.


Here is Caleb enjoying some Whole30 meatloaf, apple, and celery sticks. He is making a grocery list of Whole30 items he would like.

Caleb is doing very well, especially since he’s my big mac & cheese eater. He is dreaming of the day he can eat some junk food. No candy, soda, and chips but bread, pasta, and a burger with a bun.


  1. I'm sure that you are so proud of your children!

    I'm craving some cold, juicy watermelon now :)

  2. I am. I know that was not easy. It did get tough for a while bue they did it. Yay!

    I almost took a piece of watermelon but held back ;)


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