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Iced Coffee

I enjoyed an iced coffee with heavy organic cream. It was so yummy. I have been adding some dairy back into my diet to test the waters. So far so good. I haven’t added cheese yet and I plan to hold off as long as possible.

I had cheese when I ate out with hubby but haven’t purchased any hard cheddar yet.

I have been rereading my Healthy Trim Mama book and decided to try some of the yummy dessert recipes.

I also enjoyed today Cake-in-a-mug. So yummy. It had about 3-4 carbs just depends on how heaping of a tablespoon of cocoa powder you put in.

Cake in a mug

It was really, really, good. Especially with some whipping cream.

Chocolate pudding was good too. Joshua and Lupe had some last night and enjoyed it. Lance had some today. It’s low fat and low carb.


Ingredients for the chocolate pudding.


Skinny Chocolate has lasted me for three days. I just take a little piece when I feel the need to snack.

Skinny Chocolate

I am so happy that all our meals have veggies now. Doing the Whole30 got me in the habit of having veggies every, single, day for supper. Especially with Annette and Caleb doing the Whole30 now.


Yesterday I made a Whole30 meatloaf approved from Balanced Bites. It had the above veggies in it. The family liked it.

Edited @ 7:53 p.m.: got some Chia Tapioca Pudding sitting in the fridge for a snack tomorrow and just finished my Hip Trim Honey Mustard both from the book Trim Healthy Mama.


  1. I am going to have to look into the Trim Healthy Mama book. Those recipes look yummy. Today, I have a sick little one (again) and I was up all night with her high fever. I couldn't really eat my lunch at all, so now I am hungry but it's hot and nothing sounds good -- except that cake in a mug...hehe!

    Have you made it with Stevia? Is that a "safe" sugar?

  2. Hi!
    I've been reading your blog for a while now and I thought I'd say hello. I am doing the THM! Isn't it a great book!
    Blessings, Melanie

  3. Hi, Melanie, yes it is. I haven't am enjoying their low carb desserts. Haven't fully committed yet. ;)


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