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No More Headaches!!!

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I know many of you may be familiar with Lilla Rose hair pieces but what you may not know is they are truly comfortable. I was given the chance to review two clips almost a month ago, and guess what?!?! I loved them so much that I decided to sign up as a consultant. I would have signed up on the spot but my hubby said I should wait a few weeks to see if I was still as excited about Lill Rose clips  weeks after I tried them.
Aren’t they just gorgeous! Both hubby and I thought so. My Sweets was really impressed with them.
The top Flexi Clip is a large and the bottom is a small. I am able to use a small when pinning only some of my hair back, medium when wearing my hair up but actually pinning some of it. I wear a large when I wear all my hair up in a French twist. You can see a sizing video on my website to help choose the correct clip.

Writing from personal experience I can say that these clips are the most comfortable hair pieces ever! I use to wear these . . .
Not Lilla Rose
And many times I would end up with a headache and often times my barrettes would end up looking like this . . .
I also paid good money for  barrette and clips (around $6.00). I would wear the ugly broken clip for months before purchasing a new one.
Now I wear Lilla Rose . . .
Lilla Rose
Technically I don’t need to ever buy another (but I will) because once you purchase from Lilla Rose and if your clip ever breaks, it’s guaranteed. All you would have to do is contact the main office and mail in your Lilla Rose clip. No questions asked. In fact each clip has the Lilla Rose website engraved so you don’t have to search the web to return it.

These patented Flexi Clips are made with music wire which is very sturdy! The pin is cast in zinc, the center piece is brass, and it’s plated in nickel. Lilla Rose chose nickel because it doesn’t turn like silver. There are some clips that are plated with brass and gold which will turn in time but the more you wear your Lilla Rose clips you will naturally polish them and they will stay pretty. Lilla Rose does not claim that they will never change though. One thing to keep in mind is anything plated will eventually turn no matter how much you paid for it (except nickel). This is what I love about the company is their honesty.

If you plan to play a sport or go swimming then you’d probably want to use a ponytail holder for that. Lilla Rose clips are to fit comfortably and again they are honest about what it can do. It’s not meant to be used as a tight holding ponytail holder (which can hold your hair pretty tight when wrapped many times) if out playing an active sport.
My box arrived today, yay!
Lilla Rose Box
Here is Annette wearing a large. I think a medium would have fit but her hair was a bit, um, tangled, so a large it was.
Lilla Rose
She looked so pretty wearing her Lilla Rose clip. She was leaving with her dad and older bother to a Bible Study class.

I hope you will take the time to visit my Lilla Rose website @ http://www.lillarose.biz/homeschooling6 and even try a few out. I know longer get headaches and when going to an orthodontist, doctor, or dentist appointment I don’t have to worry about what to wear in my hair like before because you can lie down and not have anything poking you or hurting the back of your head. If I’d forget to wear a low ponytail to an appointment I’d have to remove my clip before getting in the chair.

I don’t plan to host parties because I’m terrible at it. I have tried in the past and believe me I’m beat red when speaking. I do plan to host online parties if you all are interested. Just bear with me as I learn the ropes.

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  1. I LOVE Lilla-Rose hair clips:) They really are the best!


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