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Another All Nighter

My younger children love to stay up all night. It’s a big treat for them.
This is how they are in the morning. Caleb dropped off in his room and Ethan crawled into my bed this morning. They all slept to about noon. My it was quiet this morning.

Speaking of this morning I had an appointment with the oral surgeon. He said everything is looking good. Since I don’t have all my feeling back yet he wants me to do a sensory exercise. I need to look in the mirror and with a q-tip move it horizontally and vertically on my chin and bottom lip. He said I need to retrain my brain. By looking in the mirror my brain will see the q-tip and connect it with those fibers.

The doctor said there are different fibers. Some feel hot and cold. I know I’m not explaining it very well but basically my brain needs to communicate with those fibers. He said that should help with getting some feeling back.

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