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Back from the Trash

My hubby gets good gifts from well meaning children. Normally I’m okay with his snack gifts but lately I’ve been really trying to NOT let him have some of the junk. My Sweets is really good about sharing though and of course he’s an adult and can have whatever he wants but we make it a family joke. Crunchy Mama verses Not so Crunchy Hubby type of thing.

When I was cleaning out one of the food cupboards look what I found.


It was half full so I tossed it in the trash and thought nothing of it since. Well lo and behold guess what popped up a few days later. The same bag of Mini Oreo Bites. Come to find out I have a little trash digger named Lance. He happened to see it in the trash and knew dad would really appreciate it if he rescued the bag.

Mama was caught and we all had a good laugh.

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