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I feel like blogging. I don’t know if you’ve all noticed but I haven’t been my regular blogging self. I use to take all kinds of pictures of the kiddos and blog almost daily about our homeschool days. I miss that.

As I’ve written before this year was a tough homeschooling year for me. I just wasn’t motivated at all. Of course we schooled and all but my heart wasn’t in it. I know that sounds so bad but it’s the truth.

Starting Monday I hope to get some pictures of the children schooling for my TOS Summer school series. A few things the children will be using:

We’ve finished:

Watched for Science and History:

Stopped for a while:

For mom:

I’m also trying to get the house organized for this upcoming school year. I have a lot to do so we will rotate subjects to fit them all in (unless I’m in the middle of reviewing an item, then that one will be done as I agreed upon). I plan to school a few hours a day then get some deep cleaning in as well.

Maybe I’ll do a week in review if I can’t blog daily about our school. I miss using my pretty button.

Weekly button

So that is what I’m up to right now.

***Discloser: All homeschooling items are items that I am or have reviewed for the Schoolhouse Review Crew and were given to me at no charge for my honest review.


  1. I have enjoyed reading about your family and your homeschooling days! We finished up a very rough homeschooling year in the spring and I was so sad about it. I prayed and prayed for peace and a renewed joy for homeschooling. I am so happy to say my prayers were answered. We don't start our new year until August 26th but I have been busy planning and just the thought of our "fresh" start makes me smile. God is so good and I know this upcoming year is going to be a joyful one. I will pray the same for you and your sweet family!

  2. Nadara, I'm so glad your prayer was answered. God is so good. I need to keep praying too.

    We won't be starting until Sept. Hopefully we will have all our curricula by then.

    Thank you for your kindness and prayers.


  3. We had a rough year, too. Not really sure why, but we've had a nice break this summer and will start again on the 19th. Or the 26th, depending on what all I get organized before then. I have a few big projects I want to finish before we start!


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