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Fuel Cycle Mini {July 26th-30th}

Mini Fuel Cycle

This week is a mini Fuel Cycle for me. I was originally going to do a two week but I didn’t want to end a FC while on my cycle (hehe). A Mini Fuel Cycle is 2 day of Deep S, 1 day FP, and 1 day E. A few online friends introduced me to a Mini Fuel Cycle.

Friday: Deep S
Weight: 139.4

Breakfast: Bulleproof Coffee
Lunch: Zucchini Fritters w/a Zevia
Snack: Bulletproof coffee (yum)
Dinner: Steak w/leafy greens
Snack: Cake in a mug

I was somewhat discouraged to have gained. I know it’s what ones body naturally does during this time but I loved seeing the scale at 137-138. I was so close to my 5lb loss goal weight but I can’t fret. I just need to move on. Today is a new day!

I’m doing so much better. The minute I had my Bulletproof coffee made with my yummy coconut oil my body was happy. I felt the difference. Content, satisfied, and in high spirits. Something that I was lacking for a few days.

During the past two days I had been craving good fats, not sweets or carbs but coconut oil and some eggs. It’s amazing how our bodies will tell us what it needs if we listen. Unfortunately I didn’t listen and my wonderful hubby and sweet kids had to live with me, a harried women for two days.

Saturday: Deep S
Weight: 137.6

Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee
Lunch: Eggs with corned beef (I know it’s not the best meat but it’s another thing I’ve been wanting for days!) Salad.
Snack: Cake in a mug
Dinner: In-N-Out double-double with no bun or sauce/Saxby’s sugar free coffee made with cream instead of milk.

I was happy to see my weight drop. I know it went up because of the time of month but still it’s no fun to see.

Had a wonderful date with hubby and as I mentioned before my deep S days are more Atkins style. During the Fuel Cycle I don’t have tomatoes, avocados, etc. to stay within the Fuel Cycle rules but I do go a bit heavier on the calories, especially if we are out-and-about.

Sunday: Fuel Pull
Weight: 138.2

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with raspberries
Lunch: Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad w/greens
Snack: Muffin in a Bowl
Dinner: Chicken over leafy greens

When Fuel Cycling I have a hard time with Fuel Pull days. My body wants good yummy fats. Can’t wait to have some coconut oil.

Monday: E
Weight: 137.6

Breakfast: Coffee and Sip the Shrinker a new drink recipe from Serene. Consist of Cayenne, vanilla, sea salt, cinnamon, sweetened to taste, and oolong tea. It’s very good. Taste like a chai tea.
Lunch: Waldorf Salad tweaked to fit an E day with lots of greens
Dinner: Slow Cooked Chicken

I was off to the pet store this morning with the kids and took my Sip the Shrinker drink. It’s very good

Weigh in after a 2 week FC with a mini attached: 137.4

Week 1 and Week 2 Fuel Cycle. My start weight for this FC was 142.6, I lost 5.2lbs. Yay, my goal was to lose 5lbs. My first Fuel Cycle that I started June 10th I weighed 148.6. Two FC later I’m down a total of 11.2lbs.

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