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Fuel Cycle Week 1 Menu {July 12th-18th}

Trim Healthy Mama
Friday: Deep S
Weight: 142.6
Breakfast: S-Coffee/cream/stevia
Snack: Med Mocha Frap Atkins syle
Lunch: Egg salad with a leafy green salad.
Snack: Frappa
Dinner: Scrambled eggs with a little cheddar and diced green chili
Snack: cake in a mug
It was a hectic morning. I had an early 8:00 orthodontist appt. Joshua was blessed to get is braces off. As a celebration treat I bought him a Starbucks coffee (it’s next to the orotho. office), so I bought be a low carb frap as well. Sugar free mocha frap made with cream instead of milk.

Saturday: Deep S
Day 2
Weight: 141.2
Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee
Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheddar and green chili. Green leafy salad.
Dinner: Gangues Grill and Starbucks low carb coffee.
It was date night and I stayed within the rules. My Starbucks coffee had no sugar or milk. It was made with heavy cream and sugar free syrup.

Sunday: Deep S
Day 3
Weight: 141.6
Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee w/cream and coconut oil
Lunch:Wendy’s Double w/chees, no bun
Dinner: Scrambled eggs with green chili made in coconut oil
Snack: Bulletproof Coffee

Monday: FP meals
Day 4
Weight: 140.2
Breakfast: 1 cup berries, 1 cup 0% Greek Yogurt, and 1 scoop of protein.
Snack: Muffin in a Bowl 
Lunch: Chicken salad with lots of greens (no mayo in this chicken salad)
Snack: Fat Stripping Frappa
Dinner: Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad w/greens (pg.302)  {Spaghetti for the family w/S. squash for Annette.}
Snack: Cottage Berry Whip
So far I’ve lost 2lbs. Wahoo!

I really need to stop eating Joseph’s Pita breads they hurt my stomach. I had a pack of the pita bread from my last fuel cycle so I thought I’d finish them off. Not good.
I was also very hungry today and ate three snacks, one after each meal! I ate an early dinner at 4:00. Around 5:00 I didn’t feel to good and had to lay down. I made supper and rested while the family ate.
About 9:00 I drank some water with apple cider vinegar to help get rid of my bloated feeling and gas. No more Joseph's bread. It’s not worth the discomfort it causes.

Tuesday: Fuel Pull
Day 5
Weight: 139.8
Breakfast: Berries with 0% Greek yogurt w/1 scoop protein powder
Snack: Muffin in a bowl
Lunch: Chicken or tuna salad with lots of greens
Dinner:  Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad w/greens (pg.302) 
Today I was craving something. I didn’t want the usual frappa, pudding, etc. and didn’t want to eat just to eat. I wasn’t hungry. Not sure what was going on. Glad tomorrow is an E day. Pancakes here I come!!!

Wednesday: E
Day 6
Weight: 139.8
Breakfast: Coffee with 2TBL half & half, 3 Trim Healthy Pancakes with sugar free jam
Lunch: Waldorf Cottage Cheese salad with greens (pg. 300)
Dinner: Mexican Cottage Cheese Salad w/herb mix of greens and 1/2 cup greek yogurt w/1 cup raspberries. (not sure if that qualifies for an E. The fat grams added up to 5. I’m not sure how many carbs)
I was so happy to have some pancakes this morning. The day before I was craving something but didn’t want to eat just to eat. I finally went to bed.

Thursday: E
Day 7
Weight: 140.2
Breakfast: Coffee with 2TBL half & half, 3 Trim Healthy Pancakes 
Lunch: Waldorf Cottage Cheese salad with greens (pg. 300)
Snack: Muffin in a bowl
Dinner: Chicken salad with lots of greens and 1 Trim Healthy Pancake.
Snack: Greek yogurt and blackberries, coffee with 2TBL half and half
Bummer that I went up some ounces but that’s okay. Some deep S days are coming up and hopefully I’ll lose the ounces and more. Many people experience a pound or so gain during the E days. I was hoping it would pass me up like last time but again it could have been worse.
I felt like I ate a lot today and am afraid I might  gain, guess time will tell. I’ll find out tomorrow.


Week 1 done! Friday morning I weighed in at 139.8 for a total loss of 2.8lbs. Almost reached 3lbs but not quite. I really do hope I can get rid of 5lbs during my second fuel cycle.
The only problems I have are on the E days. If I use all Trim Healthy Mama recipes I’m fine but when I want to make my own they seem to be more of a fuel pull sometimes.
My menu is quite boring but I like it. I had actually made it very colorful at first with lots of good HTM recipes for our dinners but I never got around with buying chicken breast and/or ground turkey for the E-energizing meals and FP-fuel pull meals. This week I plan to get some white meat for those days.

I’m enjoying the cottage cheese salads right now. I absolutely look forward to eating the Mexican Cottage Cheese salad and the Waldorf Salad,  with the Waldorf Salad I don’t add nuts or celery. Mine is pretty plain with cottage cheese, a splash of lemon juice, and 1 granny smith apple. No nuts during the FC and I don’t care much for celery.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I am just starting Trim Healthy Mamas and seeing a menu planned out is very helpful for me:)

  2. Yay!!! It's so good to hear your wonderful news! I cannot wait until I have time to even read the HUGE book.

    I stuck with primarily Atkins, tweaking it a bit -- mainly very low carb but adding in more veggies and a little fruit. I'm down, too! A total of 13.4 lbs so far.

    One pound at a time!

  3. You're welcome =)

    Great job with the 13.4 mama!!! I can't believe I'm only 9lbs away from my goal weight. Once I get to my goal weight I'm going to experiment with just plain healthy eating, going back to Atkins with a Paleo twist. I miss just eating what I want when I want if you know what I mean ;)

    Great job and keep it up.

  4. "The only problems I have are on the E days. If I use all Trim Healthy Mama recipes I’m fine but when I want to make my own they seem to be more of a fuel pull sometimes."

    This is me too! Today I did much better, but I have come to see that perhaps the last few moths I have not been doing E meals correctly.

    Today I had Quinoa and Ezekiel bread!

    Your menu is great. Thanks for posting!

  5. Yes, those E meals are tricky. I have downloaded all the helpful files from the FB group and still have trouble.

    You're welcome. Hopefully we'll both get the hang of the E meals soon =)

  6. Very nice to see a menu for the FC...I've yet to attempt one. I'm always worried I'll mess it up lol. I have to have quite a boring menu for myself because otherwise my cravings kick in, and I dislike to feel like I'm 'cheating' myself of something when that happens. Aren't those documents from the FB group great? I especially like the building blocks one...very helpful.
    I'm going to read more about the FC and perhaps do it as well. I've been 'stuck' at the same weight for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Only a few more pounds til I'm at goal weight though :)

  7. Blossom, my menu is what I call 'boring' ;) I can eat the same thing over and over. In fact my next menu has a lot of the same.

    I'll be doing another FC in toward the end of August, you can join me if you like. I have 9lbs till goal weight.

    I love the building blocks one too. They are all so helpful but those E meals still get me. I like having them I just have trouble building an E.

    The last pounds are always the hardest (at least that's what I hear), hopefully the FC will get your pounds melting away =)

  8. You are doing great Linda! Thanks for allowing me to join in on the journey! Copying your menus has gotten me through! 5 more days! yipeeeeeeee
    Yep, E days are the hardest for me to figure out as well, though I though they would be the easiest. I LOVE the pancakes though.

  9. Great meal plan!!! :-) You should link your THM posts up to Trim Healthy Tuesday!
    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents


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