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Hot Busy Weekend

My Sweets had a four day weekend. It was nice having him home. Thursday we celebrated the 4th of July. Hubby and the kids did some outside chores and for supper we had a BBQ. My hubby cooked us up some T-bone steaks, they were so tender. I was happy that I could eat them, that’s how tender they were.

Usually I have a hard time eating steak. My mouth is tender and it hurts to chew, so the T-bone was a real treat. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics. I was too hot to think about it I guess.
Saturday Joshua, Annette, Caleb, my dad, and Lupe went to the apartments to lay sod or grass. Slowly through the years we have been working at making our apartments more pretty. It all takes time. The first five years Lupe spent a lot of time just fixing the place. Now that most of it’s done and a lot of it is maintaining he can now concentrate more on the outside of the apartments. This year it’s the landscaping.

Saturday morning Lupe and I also had some blood work drawn. I have a really good vein that has served me well through the years, especially when pregnant. You know how many times you get poked when with child.

The nurse said I had a plump juicy vein. My Sweets on the other hand has a hidden vein but fortunately for him the nurse didn’t have to poke and prod to find it. She was really good. We liked her.

After our appointment  we were hungry, I splurged and had one of my favorite burgers from Country Burger. I love the way the food is served in a paper bag, the way the wrapper sounds, and the burger taste so yummy. It’s big and sloppy.
Country Burger
I had some sweet potato fries to go along with it. It was very good and I enjoyed every bite. An amazing thing happened. I didn’t eat the whole burger. I got full about 2/3 through and stopped eating. I wanted to continue eating but couldn’t, so I actually left some of my delicious burger behind.

When we got home Lupe and the kids planted seed in the backyard. We are a little late with planting grass. Time just goes by so fast.

Later that evening my Sweets took me out on an inexpensive date. For supper we went to In-In-Out and only had burgers with water. Hubby didn’t even order fries.
Love the Cheese!
I just love the way the cheese, onion, and meat taste. It’s so good. Yes, I love my In-in-Out Burgers. They are so tasty compared to other burgers.

We splurged again and went to the coffee shop. I ordered the Milky Way, I think, my memory is so bad. I asked for sugar free syrup and replaced the milk with cream.
The only way I was able to take a picture of my Sweets was if I said I wouldn’t put it on my blog. So no pic but at least I have the memory so when I scrapbook one day.

Sunday was hot @ 100*. We took the children to Half-Price-Books. I printed  a 50% off coupon for each of us. The kiddos had fun choosing a book. I didn’t get anything for me. I bought a reader for Lance and a book about the author of the Dr. Seuss series.

I took a good nap when we got home. The heat tires me out. I think I slept for two hours.

That was our weekend.

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