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Menu July 7th-13th

I have noticed that my diet has been lacking veggies. This week I’m going to make sure I get 15 net carbs (as per Atkins) of veggies by eating avocados, tomatoes,  and leafy greens. I need to figure out for future weeks how to add more veggies but keep with the carbs, calories, and fat grams of Healthy Trim Mama.

My menu is a bit boring compared to many I kinda stick to the same foods for days then switch it up. One week I was hooked on the Fuel Pull Pizza, another it may be a bean burrito.

MondayWeight: 142.8
Breakfast: S- Coffee with cream/stevia (.8).
Snack: E-Big Man Smoothie w/extra berries (17)
Lunch: E-Leftover stuffed peppers with a green leafy tomato salad, Walden Farms dressing (23)
Snack: E-coffee with half and half , 2TBL.
Dinner: S- Pancakes with sugar free jam (1)
Snack: S-Atkins Mud Slide Bar (3)
Net Carbs: 35
I’m not a breakfast eater so some days coffee is it. Once school starts I’ll have to make sure I do have a good and large breakfast to keep me going with teaching.

TuesdayWeight: 142.6
Breakfast: S-coffee w/cream, S pancakes with jam. (1)
Lunch: E-Waldorf Cottage Cheese Salad (add spinach) (36.4)
Dinner: S- Crockpot Mexican Style Chicken p. 315 topped with a little cheddar cheese and sour cream (6)
Snack: S-Atkins Mud Slide (3)
Net Carbs: 46
Trim Healthy Mama
I enjoy these S pancakes made from 2TBL flax, 1/4 cup ricotta cheese, 1 egg, sweetener, and cinnamon.

WednesdayWeight: 142.4
Breakfast: S- Coffee w/cream/stevia, S pancakes (1)
Lunch: FP-Mexican Cottage Salad p. 302 (13)
Snack: FP- Big Man Smoothie made with Blackberries (1 + berries 15)
Dinner: S-chili w/cheese & sour cream (7)
Net Carbs: 34
Trim Healthy Mama
I didn’t have any salsa so instead I added some green chili.

ThursdayWeight: 143.2
Breakfast: S-Coffee/cream/stevia
Brunch: Had a late breakfast because I went to see the oral surgeon. FP: Mexican Cottage Salad again (3). 
Snack: Early snack, Big Man Smoothie (12)
Dinner: E-Lighter Side Chili pg.330 with Greek Yogurt and raspberries (20)
Gained almost a pound today. Not sure why. Tomorrow I start my 2nd Fuel Cycle. Hopefully it will get some of these last stubborn pounds moving. I can’t wait to be in the maintaining stage of my weigh loss journey. 
Net Carb: 35

Friday: Deep S Day
Weight: 142.6
Today is my first day on my 2nd Fuel Cycle.
Breakfast: S-Coffee/cream/stevia 
Snack: Med Mocha Frap Atkins syle
Lunch: Egg salad with a leafy green salad.
Snack: Frappea
Dinner: Scrambled eggs with a little cheddar and diced green chili
Snack: cake in a mug

It was a hectic morning. I had an early 8:00 orthodontist appt. Joshua was blessed to get is braces off. As a celebration treat I bought him a Starbucks coffee (it’s next to the orotho. office), so I bought be a low carb frap as well. Sugar free mocha frap made with cream instead of milk.
For the past two weeks I’ve been making dinner at a more reasonable hour. This way I’m not eating after 5:30 or 6:00.

Normally I’d have my menu through Sunday but since I’m doing a Fuel Cycle I will have the days on that menu.

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