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Molly Crew Review: Christi The Coupon Coach


The Molly Crew was blessed with learning some couponing this summer! We’ve had the opportunity to review Christi the Coupon Coach. If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of couponing, Christi’s book is priced at $18.00, Kindle edition $4.99.

 photo christithecouponcoachlogo_zpsbe2a70cc.pngChristi is a homeschooling mama of 4 who has made shopping an adventure. Her challenge to see how much money she can save on a shopping trip. She has been couponing for years and has been very successful at it. How does she leave a grocery store spending only $15.00 on $120.00 worth of stuff?

In her book she will teach you how to stack and use BOGO coupons, that means Buy One/Get One free. I didn’t know what BOGO was until I read Christi’s book.

Christi the Coupon Coach

In her book you will learn:
  • Chapter 1: Success Stories
  • Chapter 2: A New Way to Shop
  • Chapter 3: The Language of Couponing
  • Chapter 4: Organization System
  • Chapter 5: Step-by-Step Process
  • Chapter 6: Tips and Tools
  • Chapter 7: Couponing Ethics
  • Chapter 8: Networking and Communicating
  • Chapter 9: Bonus Section
  • Chapter 10: Beyond Couponing
The book is under 150 pages which is a plus for a busy mama of 6. When the book arrived I didn’t feel overwhelmed. It was nice knowing I didn’t have to read a 300 page book to understand how to coupon!
I thought I’d use this with Annette, kind of like a home economics course. Christi gives ideas with how to organize your coupons. We decided to only use a binder for our coupons. We figured we could tweak our system as we went along.
First thing we did after getting our binder together was go online to find some coupons. On Sunday we bought the huge Sunday’s paper. Christi recommends purchasing one newspaper per family member. We didn’t do that because our paper is $3.00 and hubby and I didn’t want to spend $24.00 just to get the coupons.
I was disappointed to find that many of the coupons were for processed foods. As many of you may know I have changed the way we eat this year and most of our food is fresh and goes in the fridge. With many of the hair, lotions, and other body products that the coupons were for had chemicals in them Not to say we are 100% chemical free here but most of what we use is more natural and/or organic. We rarely use store bought soaps for instance because we prefer homemade. Instead of purchasing conditioner or lotions we use coconut oil and so forth.
But Annette and I were determined to make this work. We went online to the two stores that we mainly shop at and found their coupon section. We went through them and printed what we could use.
Every Friday we go shopping for a weeks worth of meals. Our first stop we were happy to save about $7.00. It doesn’t look like much but that was $7.00 more in our pocket. We went to the second place and saved another $6.00 for a total saving of $13.00.
We figured if we saved $13.00 we would make that our goal for next week. So far since the review we have saved around $52.00. I know that is not nearly as close to what Christi saved an many of my fellow Crew members even but Annette and I were pleased.

My final thoughts: Christi the Coupon Coach has done all the foot work for you. If you have wanted to learn how to coupon but haven’t had the time to figure it all out then you may want to look into purchasing the book.

Although I wasn’t as successful as others what I did walk away with is I should make an effort to save our hard earned money by using coupons. If I can find a few that will save me $.50 here and $.30 there then that’s $.80 savings.

Christi also touches on shopping at thrift stores and garage sales, so we do save in those areas and I didn’t add how much we have saved by purchasing used in my above totals.

At the end of the book Christi saves the best for last. She writes the best deal is free and that’s the gift of Salvation.

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